Hello, my lovelies!
Today it is kind of a sad day, because of the terrible news of last night's tragic attack to Manchester Arena. I feel sad and confused whether I should go on with my regular posting schedule because I really don't feel like it. I suppose that life goes on, right? Even though I can't stop questioning myself "what kind of life is this?". Anyway, I'm trying to distract my mind from the tragedy (if that was possible) I am going to write what I was planning to write today, but with much less enthusiasm than usual. Please, bare with me.

As you might already know I've been slowly exploring Korean beauty brands and different products and sharing my thoughts here with you. This week I have two lovely finds from Sephora France the Erborian 7 Herbs Scrub for lips and the Erborian Rouge Tint for lips and Cheek. Keep reading to find out more!

Erborian  Korean Skin Therapy Paris - Seoul

I know very little about the brand Erborian, but their stand at Sephora was so adorable and inviting I could hardly resist getting a couple of things. Their range is mainly for skin care and also a bit of makeup. The Rouge Tint called my attention right away, because I have been eyeing the look of bitten lips mostly used in Asia and I find it super cute, I definitely had to try it. Alas, I'm forever and ever struggling with chappy lips, so I thought picking up a lip scrub was never a bad idea, and the 7 Herbs scrub for lips sounded promising! I spent about €25 for both products.

Erborian 7 Herbs Scrub for lips

This claims to be an "exfoliating lip care with smoothing effect". Basically, it is a sugar scrub combined with a 7 herbs complex that claims to exfoliate the lips so they feel smoother and softer helping remove flakes of dead skin. See below the list of ingredients: there is sugar, cocoa extract, Centella Asiatica, licorice, camellia and chamomile extracts (among others) all of which are known for their emollient properties. Note that it also contains fragrance, which is very subtle, a little fruity and not herbal at all.

The application is easy, you massage gently a small amount of product on your lips, and remove the excess with a damp cotton pad. It is recommended to be used 2-3 times per week.

My experience

The product is like a thick gel with tiny scrubbing particles of sugar. It is very pleasant to apply, I could use this exfoliant daily without a problem as it is very gentle. While it does help getting rid of dry skin patches and flakes, it hasn't radically changed the state of my lips so this alone wouldn't be enough to moisturise and nourish the lips skin. I have to complement my lip care with another product after applying this scrub. I like its texture and my lips feel soft immediately after using it, but a few hours later they are as dry as they were before. This lip scrub retails for €19 and, sadly, I don't think it's worth the money. For that money, I would expect this product to be richer and more emollient so I will not repurchase it.

Erborian Rouge Tint Lip and Cheek tint

This product is a lip and cheek tint that claims to alluring lips and rosy cheeks: "It is enriched with camellia extract known for its antioxidant properties. microcapsules of oil -known for its nourishing properties- are combined with pigments in an aqueous formula which naturally dresses your lips and cheekbones with a delicious shade of red for a matte finish."

My experience

If I was a bit disappointed with the scrub, this, on the other hand, was a total score!
Out of the tube the product looks like a glossy jelly, but don't let that fool you, it is not a lipgloss at all.  Once applied, it is totally absorbed by the skin giving the effect that the lips are naturally pigmented that way. How cool is that?  It is matte, although as it is a tint it only leaves a stain and no matter behind, It doesn't dry out my lips, on the contrary, I feel my lips comfortable for quite a while (several hours) after applying it.
I have been using this so much, I already love it to pieces. It gives a subtle tint of reddish rose to my lips that I find natural and adorable, but it can also be built into a more intense red.

The lip tint doesn't migrate to fine lines, and once it is set it doesn't move and it doesn't transfer. I find it to fade a little after several hours, but the pigment -although less strong- it is still there at the end of the day. Although I call it a "stain" this product does not permanently stain the skin, so you can safely apply it with fingers and wash your hands, it'll be off with soap and water. Removal is easy with an oil based or bi-phase makeup remover (I use the same for my eye-makeup).

I also like it very much on the cheeks, it very pigmented but so thin it looks like a natural flush. If you want to try the look of naturally "bitten lips" I totally recommend you the Erborian tint! I paid around 15€ for it and it is worth every penny.


So that was my quick review this week, I hope this was useful for you, and please do not hesitate to ask me questions or to tell me YOUR experience with this brand, this product or a similar one.

Peace, love & stay safe,

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