Hello, sweeties! How are you today? I am super excited because I have GREAT news to share with you. There is a new VEGAN brand available in Switzerland at Houseofmakeup.ch !! NEVE Cosmetics has more options for your makeup cravings that are vegan-friendly, cruelty-free, paraben-free, silicon-free, and Made in the EU (Italy). Keep reading to discover this wonderful brand.

I'm always searching for novelty in the world of makeup, so when the lovely Nicole from Houseofmakeup.ch contacted me to try Neve Cosmetics products, I couldn't resist. Neve Cosmetics is a young Italian brand, vegan, cruelty-free, paraben-free and silicon-free, with a super cute packaging and a very interesting range, offering classic shades but also some bold and colourful choices. So, I was definitely tempted to test it, and today I'm sharing my experience with you.

Neve Cosmetics

"Neve Cosmetics is a young Italian cosmetics company, independent and creative. ‘Neve’ is the Italian for ’snow’. All snowflakes are different, and they are equally beautiful. So are people. To us beauty is the pure magic that enhances everyone’s uniqueness. 
Our company was founded in 2009 near Turin, between hills and the vista of the Alps. Thanks to the best Italian professionals and an artistic director in love with colour, we invent and create innovative natural mineral cosmetics. Our production philosophy is based on the desire to create effective, colourful, creative, and luscious products, while still using simple, clean formulas and keeping to our cruelty-free code of ethics."

The brand Neve Cosmetics is also engaged in helping and defending animals as part of its "Cuore di neve" project.
Source: https://www.nevecosmetics.it/en/content/4-about-us

My picks

It was super difficult to decide what to choose since there are so many cute things I would love to try! You know how much I love bright colours and bold crazy makeup looks, so I was super tempted to pick the palette "Intensissimi". however, I must admit I already own a ton of colourful bright palettes, and what I was really needing these days was a good neutral palette. My liquid liner got all wonky, so I also needed one of those and I really wanted to try one of the lipstick options from Neve Cosmetics (because I'm a lipstick addict). In the end, I made up my mind for these three products that Nicole kindly provided me as samples for this review*. Thanks, Nicole!!

Neve Cosmetics Palette Elegantissimi

The palette Elegantissimi contains 10 different eyeshadows (3g each, which is HUGE). Seven shades are matte and 3 have a lovely satin finish. The colours are very pigmented, the shadows are soft and a bit powdery, especially the matte colours, but they blend very easily. I love the fact that each shade has a name. This is such a great stand alone palette. It is in fact quite rare to have a neutral palette that contains a pure matte white ("coco") and a pure black ("black sheep"), which is amazing to create all kinds of looks even the most more sophisticated.

I love that there are a few medium browns with different undertones and a real neutral dark brown which is awesome for my eyebrows. The matte appricot shade ("bonbon") makes also a great blusher on my skin tone, too. I think I'm going to love this palette and use it a lot.
The Palette Elegantissimi retails for CHF 38.95 and contains 30g of product in total.

Neve Cosmetics InkMe eyeliner in "Bastet"

The eyeliner Inkme in the shade Bastet is a very deep black which is not waterproof but stays put and doesn't smudge easily. It has a creamy consistency, which I admit was a surprise. In fact, I expected it to be more liquid since the word "Ink" in the name, lol. It has a very firm felt applicator, which is great for precision, but a little less so for ageing skin. I could do a very precise application from the first time I used it, and I am usually not that lucky with every new eyeliner I test! So it is definitely a keeper.
The eyeliner "InkMe" retails for CHF 12.95 and contains 4ml.

Neve Cosmetics Duebaci lipliner & lipstick duo in shade M601 "Masquerade"

Duebaci lipliner & lipstick duo is a jumbo lipstick pen with two ends: one side for the lip liner and the other for the lipstick. I wasn't sure if I was going to like it, as usually pencil lipsticks are a nightmare on my dry lips. But this was surprisingly very creamy and comfortable to wear. It doesn't dry out my lips and it applies well over lip balm (which for my dry lips is a must). Again it is a long-wearing formulation but not waterproof, it sets to a matte finish that is durable it doesn't smudge or migrate into fine lines (yeah!!). On me, it lasted impeccably for 6 hours, but it didn't resist a full meal, the colour faded notably in the center of the lips -which for me is absolutely normal, I have never worn a lipstick that I wouldn't re-apply after a meal. The lipliner side is great for touchups too!! I really like it, although I wouldn't
Duebaci lipliner and lipstick duo retails for CHF 7.95 and it is available at House of makeup.

Top: Duebaci Masquerade, bottom: Eyeliner InkMe in Bastet

My Makeup Look

I wanted to create a makeup look for which I would use these three products a max. I created my eye look using only the shades in the palette Elegantissimi and the InkMe eyeliner. I also used the shade "espresso" to fill in my eyebrows and the shade "Bonbon" as a blusher and both worked GREAT, they lasted put super well for 12+ hours until I removed my makeup. The lipstick lasted well for 6 hours (without eating and drinking with a straw).
I hope you like this look I came up with!

Bottom Line

I was delighted with these Neve Cosmetics Products! My picks didn't disappoint me and the palette definitely made a statement. I am already adding other Neve Cosmetics products to my wishlist, as the palette "Intensissimi", one of the cream blushes and one of the lovely kabuki brushes, have you seen how cute those are?
If you search for high-quality ethical makeup products at an affordable price, I definitely recommend you to check Neve Cosmetics at House of Makeup.

Do you care for cruelty-free and Vegan cosmetics? Do you especially look for products free of Parabens and silicons? let me know in the comments!


* Press sample. All opinions are my own and 100% honest.