Jun 2, 2018

Nail Art │ Happy popping floral Manicure

Happy Weekend, lovelies!
How are you doing? We are having a lovely weather this weekend and we are planning on going berry-picking tomorrow to celebrate Father's day! Is it father's day also in your country tomorrow?
Today, I am saddly skipping the Nail Crazies Unite challenge! How come? well, today's challenge is "favourite TV show", and I was no inspired at all! I don't watch much TV, but my favourite show would be Games of Thrones, however, my little head couldn't give me one single nice idea for making a manicure that wouldn't take hours of free-hand painting (which anyways I totally suck at!). So I decided to deliberately skipped the challenge today, and show you the manicure I wore last Sunday for my daughters birthday party. This is a very bright and popping floral manicure, I hope you like it!

Creating this manicure was very easy and quick, but the final effect is really popping because of the high contrast between yellow and coral.
1) I painted my nails, thumb, pointer and pinkie, with a coat of coral nail polish by Essie, and my middle and ring fingers with a light yellow by Essie.
2) Once my white base was dry, I simply chose a stamping plate with cute poppy flowers designs to stamp with coral polish. In this case, I used theMoyou London Bubblegum stamping polish which is identical to the Essie coral one but much better for an opaque stamping. The image I used comes from an old Born Pretty Store plate.
3) I thought that there was some detail missing so with a thin brush and a green Konad nail polish I filled in the stems and leaves of the flowers.
4) Finally, I sealed the design with a clear topcoat. That was it!

These are the products and Items I used:

This manicure was so quick to do and the colours instantly make me happy! What do you think? Would you wear  manicure like this?

Have a lovely Weekend!


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