Hello, my lovelies!
Is life treating you well on your side? Here I'm still struggling with getting my Spring cleaning done. Yep, I'm super late... well, don't blame me! I'm a natural procrastinator when it comes to extra cleaning. I've been busier than usual on weekdays and then we've been having such nice long-weekends: who wants to stay inside cleaning?? Right. So I am a little behind... well, ok, a LOT! I made a list of unavoidable stuff: washing duvets, defrosting the freezer, cleaning the oven, decalcifying every machine, pipe, and whatever that touches the water, polishing the wooden floors, emptying all cupboards and cleaning every single item... I'm trying to squeeze one task per day into my schedule, let's see if I finish before the winter comes back, lol! What about you? Do you procrastinate the tasks you dislike or you get rid of them first? I'm the kind of person that starts with what I like the most and leave the unpleasant for the last ;)

Today I'm washing every pillow and mattress cover in the house, which is a "light" task so I get enough free time to share my new makeup look for the "Zodiac challenge"!
As you know, I'm showing more love to the makeup I own instead of buying new items and I challenged myself to create twelve different looks with the BHCosmetics Zodiac palette, one for each sign. The palette has two beautiful colours for "Gemini" zodiac sign and today I used those to create this crazy "galactic" metallic makeup. I hope you like it!

I want to state clearly that I don't really care for horoscope or Zodiac signs in general, and I don't know much about it, I just know that each sign roughly corresponds to a month of the year, and as there are twelve of them I thought it would be nice to make it a challenge to present you one new look each month. Gemini sign starts on May 21st through June 21st, that's about all I know ;)

In the gorgeous BH Cosmetics Zodiac palette, the colours that correspond to Gemini are matte bright mauve and a foil baked shadow in a light silver colour. I decided to use both, but I also added other two other colours from the palette to make the look more interesting. I hope you like the makeup I came up with ♥

Metallic silver & mauve for a "Gemini" look

For this look I used:

When I saw that the main colour for Gemini in this palette was light silver I immediately I imagine some kind of metallic intergalactic look, LOL. Here is how I proceeded.

For this look I used the colours:
Virgo matte (light pink), Gemini matte and Taurus matte(purple):all three served the purpose of defining the crease and shaping a V form in the outer corner of the eyes. I used the darkest shade towards the outer corner and the lightest towards the inner corner.
Gemini shimmer(silver): all over the mobile lid and inner third of my lower lashline
Taurus matte (dark purple): in the outer corner and along the outer third of my lower lashline
I preferred not adding black eyeliner, but only mascara.
On the face, I used a bronzer from Givenchy, a bright pink blusher by Elf and on the lips, I used a nude lipstick by Zoya that I topped with the same silver eyeshadow for a metallic futuristic look!

I kind of like how the look turned out, although it is not a look I'd used everyday and it is kind of too bold, because of blinding silver. I think it would be nice for a costume party or some bold dancing party.
Next month I'll be doing a Cancer look, so stay tuned!

If you are curious to see the looks I've created for each sign so far, please check them in the list down below:

I hope you've liked this look and, please, don't hesitate to leave me a comment if you have a question or suggestion!


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