Summer Time, and the living is eaaaasy! Well, not yet... I know, we are all dreaming, hoping, wishing for a summer break, I know! There are still a couple of weeks to go until school summer break begins in Switzerland. In the meantime, Let's enjoy the World Cup!!
Today's is Argentina's second match and it's something I wouldn't miss for the World. As an expat, this is YET another opportunity to bathe my children in some Argentinian sports culture. This time Italy (my husband's home country) did not qualify for the Cup, so we only have one team to support. I'm less enthusiastic than the last time in 2014, when Argentina reached the Final and lost against Germany, I really thought we could win the cup! This year I see our team is not so well prepared and our coach is not the smartest. So I need to be thinking who to support in case Argentina doesn't make it past the first round. I really like Mexico's performance until now! What about you? do you watch the World Cup? Who do you support?

Now, let's get into makeup! I have created a new makeup look for the "Zodiac challenge"! As you know, I'm showing more love to the makeup I own instead of buying new items and I challenged myself to create twelve different looks with the BHCosmetics Zodiac palette, one for each sign. The palette has two beautiful colours for "Cancer" zodiac sign and today I used those to create this colourful shifting colour makeup. I hope you like it!

I want to state clearly that I don't really care for horoscope or Zodiac signs in general, and I don't know much about it, I just know that each sign roughly corresponds to a month of the year, and as there are twelve of them I thought it would be nice to make it a challenge to present you one new look each month. Cancer sign starts on May 21st through June 21st, that's about all I know ;)

In the gorgeous BH Cosmetics Zodiac palette, the colours that correspond to Cancer are matte purple and a foil baked shadow in a bluis-grey colour. I decided to use both, but I also added another colour from the palette to make the look more interesting. I hope you like the makeup I came up with ♥

Mauve, Blue and duochorme for a "Cancer" look

For this look I used:

Face/ Visage:

Catrice Eyeshadow primer
- BH Cosmetics Zodiac palette
-  Chanel Le Volume Mascara
- Essence Super Precise eyeliner longlasting + waterproof

- Dior Rouge Baume#750 Rosebud

How I did it

When I saw that the main colour for Cancer in this palette I thought the look would ressemble a lot to the Gemini makeup I created last month, so I needed to be ultra creative to avoid repeating myself! I decided to add the Golden duochrome shade that is a metallic gold that shifts to green, to ad a "surprising factor" to the makeup.

For this look I used the colours:
Virgo matte (light pink), Cancer matte (purple): for defining the crease and along the lower lashline.
Cancer shimmer(blue-grey): all over the mobile lid.
Aquarius shimmer (duochrome gold): in the very center of the lid, to give more luminosity and add the "shifting colour effect".
I also applied black eyeliner and mascara.
On the face, I used a bronzer from Givenchy, a bright peach blusher by Milani and on the lips, I used a soft pink lipstick by Dior.

I really like this look! It's a bit crazy, I know, but I find it perfect for a summer evening out or a party! What do you think?
Next month I'll be doing a LEO look, that should be a little toned down and more wearable, so stay tuned!

If you are curious to see the looks I've created for each sign so far, please check them in the list down below:

I hope you've liked this look and, please, don't hesitate to leave me a comment if you have a question or suggestion!


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