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I have three items from Born Pretty Store for review that are totally new for me: a superb Magnetic Nail Polish*, a two Gel Polish Remover Wraps* and a Double-end cuticle pusher*. Would you like to see how these items perform? Keep reading then!

A while ago I had the opportunity to test a magnetic UV/gel polish with a magnetic effect, and I was enchanted! So, when Allison contacted me to try the new magnetic nail polish from Born Pretty store, I did no hesitate to accept! Wait a minute, you missed that article and you have no idea of what I'm talking about? Magnetic what??!
Well, if you'd like to catch up with my review you can find it here. But in summary, a magnetic nail polish is a nail polish that contains metallic particles in it, which react to the presence of a magnet while the nail polish is wet, you can use a magnet to create different effects and once the polish dries your design sets!

These new nail polishes by Born Pretty Store from the 3D Magnetic Aurora Series are not only magnetic, but they also have awesome duochrome microglitter. They are so spectacular there are no words to describe it! Watch the short video below:

I got to test the colour BP-MA01 Astral Realm, which is a duochrome that shifts from magenta to antique gold, and has the most gorgeous sparkle in the sun!

 Born Pretty Store 6ml 3D Magnetic Aurora Series Cat Eye Nail Polish contains 6ml and retails now for 5.39 USD instead of 5.99 USD at Born pretty store but only for a limited time!

I got the Dual-ended Stainless Steel Nail Cuticle with the only scope of cutting off the excess of nail decals or stamping decals. I did not have in mind to actually use it to push or cut my cuticles, but it could also be used for those purposes. I don't like to cut my cuticles and I prefer to use an emollient product and puch them back, to avoid hurting me and also because when you cut your cuticles they grow even harder. Also I don't prefer a metal tool for this purpose because it can damage the nail bed if it is not used properly, and I'm not a nail tech! So I got it exclusively for nail art purpose, tu cut off excess of decals, stickers, striping tape and other decorations.

The Born Pretty Store Dual-ended Stainless Steel Nail Cuticle pusher has a practical anti-slip handle and it retails now for 3.29 USD instead of 3.99 USD at Born pretty store but only for a limited time!

The third item I got was out of curiosity is this box of 100 Tinfoil UV Gel Polish Remover Wraps. These wraps are ideal for removing your soak off nail polish! All you need to do is to poor some remover in the cotton pad insert and wrap your finger nail with it. Wait for a few minutes and then remove your polish very easily!

The BORN PRETTY 100 Tinfoil UV Gel Polish Remover wraps contains 100 wraps and retails now for 4.99 USD instead of 7.99 USD at Born pretty store

I hope you like my review
on these new products. Is there any that you might like or find useful for you?