Hello, lovelies! Happy weekend!

Today the  "26 Great Nail art Ideas Challenge" prompts us to create a "Graffiti" nail art. I wasn't sure what to do, and I haven't had time to paint my nails all week and I was ready to skip this challenge. Two hours ago, sadi to myself let's google graffiti nail art and see what can be doen. But all the cool designs I found were very sohpisticated and required free-hand painting skill that I dont' have! While thinking how to make this nail art the easy way, I thought I would try some layered stamping, and see what it resulted. If the result wouldn't be horrendous, then I'll post it.
Well, I'm not terribly happy with the result of my manicure, but I don't think it's hideous. I just suck at freehand painting! LOL.

To create this manicure I started painting my nails with one coat of white nail polish OPI "Don't Cry over spilled milkshake" from the latest OPI limited edition "Grease". Once my white base was dry, I stamped on it with a "brick wall" image from a Bundle Monster stamping plate. This image was SO BAD, I tried every stamper in the house (and I own a LOT of stampers) and not even one could pick the image correctly. That was because the image was not well edged! I now need to look for another plate that has a similar brick wall design but actually works. I wasted so much time trying to make it work! Stamping is supposed to make your nail art easier and quicker, not the opposite!
Well, that was my nail art rant of the week. Let's move on.
Over my wall of bricks I stamped using an image with words from Bundle Monster, this one worked well! It's actually Valentine's day plate, but it worked as it is the only one with words that could look like wall tagging. I stamped using white on my middle finger and you can barely see it. So I filled it in with pink, yellow and orange neon colours, and then draw the edges with black. It's totally uneven and I need so much more practice! On my ring finger I did the same, but I stamped with black instead of white, and the result is more visible, but the colours less bright.
Then I stamped some kind of black paint spray using black polish and the stamping plate #301 from Bundle Monster.
Finally, I topped my nail art with mattifying topcoat.

These are the products and Items I used:

  • White polish, OPI Don't Cry over spilled milkshake
  • Black polish, Born Pretty Store stamping polish
  • Neon pink polish, OPI Hotter than you pink
  • Neon yellow polish, OPI Life gave me lemons
  • Neon Orange polish, OPI Juicce bar hopping
  • bundle monster stamping plates: BM-XL04 (brick wall), BM-XL12 (Love wording+heart) BM-301 (paint spray).
  • Thin nail art brush from Born pretty store
  • Mattifying topcoat from Beautbigbang store

That was it! I hope you like my new manicure. Please, go pay a visit to my challenge mates to see more graffiti manicures !!