Hello, my lovelies! How was your weekend?
It's been very long time since I last posted a nail art review and (as usual) I'm late for posting all my nail art challenges. As you know, I've been sick for most of January and my children are still down with the flu. So painting my nails has not been a priority this month :(
Today I am reviewing two wonderful products I recently received from BeautyBigBang store*, a Matte topcoat* and a Holiday/Winter stamping plate*. Also, my manicure today combines two prompts from two different challenges: the Nail Crazies Unite Challenge, which prompted us to create a "golden snowflakes" manicure and the 26 Great Nail Art Ideas challenge, that invited us to do an "embellished/3D" nail art design. I really hope you like it!!

This is what I call multitasking. One manicure, two challenges and a review! LOL In fact, I got so late with my challenges and my posting that I had to be creative in order to catch up with them all. Is not that I couldn't do two or three different manicures, but the truth is there is no physical time to post three different articles (and no bore you to death).

First of all, let's talk about the lovely items I got from BeautyBigBangs Store. I got more goodies, but I will be reviewing them in a different post very soon.

Beauty Bigbang Super matte topcoat

Matte is one of my favourite finishes, but it is not so easy to find really good matte colours. One great option for me has always been using a matte topcoat and transform virtually any colour into a matte. For years, I've used Essie's matte about you topcoat, it only cost me 8 USD but the retailer I used to buy from stopped delivering to Switzerland. Here is not that easy to find and when I do it costs me 19.90 USD to get one bottle!! I tried other options, but I was never happy. The worse in my experience has been Zoya matte topcoat which was an absolute disaster (and not cheap at all).
When I saw that Beauty Bigbang carried a matte top coat for only 3.59 USD, I didn't hesitate to order one! In fact, I was very impatient to test it. For some reason, my press sample order got mixed up and it took over 2 months to get to me. But it finally arrived and I was so impressed with this matte topcoat!
It applies very smoothly, it doesn't leave streaks or white marks (Zoya I'm looking to you) in fact it dries perfectly matte, evenly and quite fast! It is also very resistant, as I wore it for about 4 days (cooking, washing up, cleaning, and playing with the children) it didn't chip! Very impressive.
I'm definitely going to order a backup, as I love mattifying my stamped manicures, as the details are more visible this way!
The Super Matte Topcoat comes in 15ml bottle that retails for 3.59 USD and is available here.

Beauty Bigbang Stamping plate #06 Holiday/winter themed

Back in October, I ordered several goodies for my collaboration with Beauty Bigbang store. Well, something went wrong and my order was forgotten/mixed up and after a few mail exchanges, I finally was sent the items I asked for. This little cute stamping plate was an extra goodie that I haven't ordered! Thumbs up to Beatybigbang for the surprise ;)
The stamping plate is super pretty. It has 9 different small or accent designs and three full nail or pattern designs, all Holidays/winter themed. The images are well edged, and the transfer beautifully to the nail. I had no problems picking them up with my regular stamper and the transferred perfectly to the nail. I am definitely going to order more of their stamping plates!
The Beauty Bigbang Stamping plate #06 retails for 2.39 USD and it is available here.

There is also good news for you my lovelies, all your purchases get a 10% off when you use my code POLY10

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My manicure


As I have already said, today's manicure combines two challenges: Gold snowflakes and Embellished/3D. To achieve it, I first painted my nails using the beautiful pale pink from the upcoming OPI Lisbon Collection which is called "Lisbon wants moor OPI". This colour is a cream with a glossy finish, but I preferred a matte canvas for my manicure, so I applied a thin coat of the BeautyBigbang matte topcoat on my nails. I then stamped using Butter London "goss" a rose gold metallic polish and the Beauty Bigbang stamping plate #6, I chose the snowflakes pattern, of course. As a final touch, I applied a few 3D golden snowflakes charms using nail glue on each nail. I really liked the final look, although the metallic snowflakes kept getting caught in everything I touched, lol, not very practical, but for an evening out I think it's lovely!

What do you think of these nails? Don't forget to pay a visit to my challenge mates in the list below for more snowflakes manicures.


* Press sample. All opinions are my own and 100% honest.