Sadly, we’re not all morning people even though we know that morning people are more productive. They manage to complete a series of different tasks by the time non-morning people manage to get out of bed and drink a cup of coffee. A good morning routine is important for everyone, whether they like getting up early or not, and if you’re looking for a way to improve yours, you’ve come to the right place. We give you a list of things you can do to make your morning routine healthier.

Gentle skin care

One of those unavoidable things in the morning are puffy eyes and drowsiness. To feel more awake but also to reduce the puffiness, it’s recommended you wash your face with cold water. Even though lukewarm water might be more pleasant, when you use cold water you soothe your eyes and close your pores. Use a toner afterward, apply moisturizer, and don’t forget to put on sunscreen or wear makeup with SPF before you leave the house. 

Oral hygiene on point

Another thing none of us can avoid is that horrible morning breath, which is why brushing your teeth in the morning is mandatory. Proper dental care is one of those things we all should focus on, as fresh breath and healthy teeth will not only help us stay healthy but also make us feel more confident. Make sure you buy a new toothbrush every three to four months, use toothpaste which will protect your gums, and floss, floss, floss! In addition, tongue scratchers, electric toothbrushes, and a bottle of mouthwash are also good to keep within reach in your bathroom.

Choose cosmetics carefully

We already mentioned that the makeup you apply in the morning should have SPF in order to protect your skin from being damaged by the sun, but there are more things to keep in mind. If you can’t imagine leaving your house without wearing makeup, you might want to consider buying products that are going to keep your skin healthy. You can opt for mineral makeup or use more natural products, for example coconut oil as a makeup remover or brown sugar and ground coffee for exfoliating.

Waking your body up

Perhaps waking up at 5 am to work out really can help you jump-start your day, but let’s face it – not many of us find that thought appealing. Still, that doesn’t mean that you can’t do something nice for your body and help it ‘wake up’. First things first: make your bed after you get up! This simple activity will help you wake up and it will make you feel like you’ve accomplished an important task before even opening your eyes properly (which happens to be true). There are some truly amazing and simple morning yoga poses you can actually do while still laying in bed, or you can stretch for ten minutes after you get up.

Find your cup

Maybe a cup of coffee in the morning isn’t exactly your cup of tea, but luckily, today you have so many different beverages to choose from that you can easily find something that will help you start your day right. Instead of coffee with sugar and cream, you could try drinking a cup of green tea with a bit of lemon juice. Not only is this drink rich in caffeine, it will also boost your metabolism and help clear your skin. Other healthy alternatives include Kombucha tea, mushroom coffee, flavored water, or even coconut water.

It’s a proven fact that when people wake up, they are most productive. This is why setting up a good morning routine will help you ensure that the level of productivity you have in the morning lasts through the day. In addition, when you wake up early, you have time for yourself and you can spend it in quiet meditation, listen to music, and organize the rest of your day in peace. 

The author
Helen Bradford is a journalism student who always seeks new ideas to write about. She enjoys blogging about beauty, health and style trends for women. When she's not writing, she spends her spare time being active through fitness and traveling.