Happy humpday, sweeties!
It's time for a new Zodiac inspired makeup. As you know, I'm showing more love to the makeup I own instead of buying new items and I challenged myself to create twelve different looks with the BHCosmetics Zodiac palette, one for each sign. Today, I created a Virgo look for the "Zodiac challenge"
The palette has two beautiful and quite pale colours for "Virgo" zodiac sign and those inspired me to create a very pale but luminous look in petal pink and lilac. I supposed these are not your typical "Autumn colours", but let's not forget that Spring is coming to the southern hemisphere.
Also in my home country, Argentina, Spring begins the 21st of September and I think this makeup would be perfect for that occasion. I hope you like it!

I want to state clearly that I don't really care for horoscope or Zodiac signs in general, and I don't know much about it, I just know that each sign roughly corresponds to a month of the year, and as there are twelve of them I thought it would be nice to make it a challenge to present you one new look each month. Virgo sign starts on August 23rd through September 23rd, that's about all I know ;)

In the gorgeous BH Cosmetics Zodiac palette, the colours that correspond to Virgo are matte pale pink and a foil baked shadow in a light pink colour, which is warmer than the pink for Leo. I decided to use both, but I also added another colour from the palette to make the look more interesting. I hope you like the makeup I came up with ♥

Petal Pink and Soft Lilac for a "Virgo" look

For this look I used:

The duo of colours for Virgo is very pale and subtle, I think these colours would look awesome on deeper skin tones, making a statement, while they would look very subtly but still give nice colour on lighter skins. That is thank to the fantastic pigmentation that the colours stand out on any skin colour.  I decided to do a petal pink eye look for Virgo, very light, very luminous, and almost ethereal. That's why I paired it with a light peachy nude lip and very subtle blush. As you can see I did not use liquid eyeliner or dark colours to define the eye. I only used a plum eye pencil to add to the tight line (below and inside the edges of the eyelid, very tightly close to the lashes).

For this look I used the colours:
Virgo matte (matte light pink), Aquarius matte (warm light beige) and Gemini matte (light lilac): for defining the crease and along the lower lashline.
Virgo shimmer(light pink metallic): all over the mobile lid and the inner corner
I also applied a plum eye pencil ever so slightly, which I smudged to give more definition but in a very soft kind of way. Of curse, I put black mascara as usual.
On the face, I used a bronzer from Givenchy, a light pink blusher by Essence and on the lips, I used a matte liquid lipstick from Wetnwild.

I think this look came out quite soft and luminous. It looks a little bit pale for my complexion, maybe it will stand out more on a person with a deeper complexion than mine. What do you think?
Next month I'll be doing a Libra look, the colours look super edgy and with such a lovely Autumn vibe, so stay tuned for that.
If you are curious to see the looks I've created for each sign so far, please check them in the list down below:

I hope you've liked this look and, please, don't hesitate to leave me a comment if you have a question or suggestion! 


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