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I have four items from Born Pretty Store for review that are really awesome! I got two beauty items: one (or better said TWO!) beauty case/bag(s)*, some new disposable beauty sponges* and two nail art goodies: some fantastic 3D nail decals in rose gold* and one super innovative and cute "nano buffer"* with UNICORNS!  The one that has impressed me the most is the foldable beauty bag, OMG, that one is so amazing that you definitely need two (because your daughter/mom/sister/best friend/neighbour will see yours and will want one for herself!!) Would you like to take a closer look to these products? Keep reading then!

I have been reviewing items from Born Pretty Store for a while now and I always get to choose exactly what I want to test.For a while I ordered only nail art stuff, but their choice is so biig (and I already have so many nail art decorations and nail polishes) that this time I decided to pick items I was needing for my everyday life.
The first thing I picked was this fantastic foldable beautybag. Looking at the description it seemed really versatile and that is what I need! But, guess what? As the bag comes in two different colours Born Pretty Store sent me both!! Of course as soon as I opened the package my 3 year old princess called the one with unicorns "that one is for me!" haha, besides it is pink, which is her favourite colour. So I got the other one for me which I prefer because I'm not that much into total pink. The light dusty blue with flamingos is perfect fot me, girly but not so delicate that it would get dirty very quickly.

 Ok, we all agree that the printing is really cute but, at this point, you might be wondering what's so good or special about this beauty bag? It is a FLAT bag? What on Earth... ? yes, yes, yes...
The bag comes neatly folded and when you open it it is a perfect circle. You put your stuff in there, adjust the lateral cords and close the velcro lid. You are good to go!
  • It is perfect for last minute packing: you open it on your bed, fill it  and hop, good to go!
  • It fits all sizes of products! Shampoo bottles included! It also fits my travel size hair streightener! Hair brushes, conditioners, makeup, skincare, you name it, it is definitely a big bag!
  • Adjustable size: It can hold a lot OR very little. And once it is empty, it is foldable and takes very little space. If you like shopping for cosmetics when you travel you can carry an extra one to bring back your haul home!
  • Forget the digging in your bag: we all know that experience whe you have a small (or big) bag full of things, you litterally have to empty it every time because (it never fails) what you are looking for is in the bottom! This is no longer a problem with this bag, when you open it flat you can see everything at the same time! On the down side it is quite large and you need either the bed or a table to open it flat. If you are in the plane toilet looking for your mascara, you'll have to dig in, lol.
  • It has three pockets for small items: It has two pockets in the inside and one external pocket for all your small and delicate item! the one pocket inside fits my makeup brushes, so it is quite large.
  • It can be washed in the washing machine with a gentle cycle: Carrying lots of makeup can be messy, and dirty. One shadow breaks and it is a mess. I can't count how many bags I had to ditch because they were not washable! This one is!

I love my new beauty bag with flamingos and the best part is this bag is so affordable! It is available here and it retails for USD 6.59 for one bag and you get the second one only for extra 3.60 USD.

The next thing I got is a a package of BONNIE CHOICE 8 Pcs Beauty Sponges. I mainly use these sponges for nail art, so I appreciate the fact that they are not white, because when I need to work with whit polish on it, it becomes really tricky! But when I received these disposable sponges I changed my mind! These are much larger than the regular latex sponge, and they don't smell like latex, so I'm guessing either they don't have any or they have very little latex in them (unfortunately is not specified). The texture is also quite different, they aren't as porous as regular latex sponges and they don't suck up product as much, in fact now I'm tempted to try them for makeup because I suspect they'll be really nice for applying foundation!

Well, this is really a makeup/beauty stapple, so if you were looking for very soft disposable sponges here is a good and affordable option.

The  SHARE THIS ITEM : BONNIE CHOICE 8 Pcs Makeup Foundation Sponge  contains 8 pieces and retails now for 2.19 USD instead of 2.99 USD at Born pretty store but only for a limited time!

The third item I got was this "nano buffer", which is basically a super-cute nail buffer (grooming tool for nails). I was needing a new buffer, and this one has UNICORNS in it, so it was really no brainer, lol.  I was surprised when I received it because it is really small! I was expecting a bigger tool. As my buffers are usually a lot bigger. But honestly, this one doesn't need to be big. Regular buffers are made of paper or plastic and really ultra thin sandpaper, right? well, sandpaper uses off, so when you use all the surface off you ditch your buffer and you get a new one. Whereas THIS ONE is made of hard Crystal glass that you will not wear off in your lifetime. This is not like your regular Crystal Nail Files, this nano buffer is etched so precisely with high tech methods that it definitely only buffs very gently, instead of filing. Oh WOW! I was blown out, and I now appreciate that it is small! As it comes with its own pouch it is easy to carry when your travel. What's not to love!
Cheers to the last nail buffer I'll ever buy! (unless I lose it of course because I'm always losing things).

The BORN PRETTY Unicorn Nano Glass Nail Buffer comes in 2 different colours and 2 diffferent shapes, each one retails for 4.29 USD instead of 5.99 USD at Born pretty store

Last, but not least, I got some really cute 3D nail decals in rose gold! Yes, I know, I know, I said I already have sooooo many nail art decorations, but these are rose gold, get it? ROSE GOLD!! I'm in love with anything rose gold lately so I wanted to try these. I aske for one wheel, but as the had different designs, Born Pretty Store generously sent me TWO! These can't be cuter! Please, click to enlarge the picture below so that you can see how tiny and cute are some of the shapes! There is a Starfish, Shells, stars, moons, LIPS!! ♥♥, hearts, pearls, feathers, DOLPHINS!! and then some geometrical shapes like squares circles, ovals and triangles of different sizes.
I think these are perfect to embellish a very chic manicure with nude or neutral colour.

The Born Pretty 1 Box Rose Gold 3D Nail Art Decoration  comes in two different versions and each one retails for 2.29 USD instead of 2.99 USD at Born pretty store.

I hope you like my review of these new products. Is there anything here that appeals to you or that you find useful for you?


* Press sample. All opinions are my own and 100% honest.

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