Hello, sweeties! How are you?

Today we have another appointment for the "26 Great Nail Art Ideas" Challenge! This week's theme is Ice and/or Fire nails. I think this theme came out having in mind the books "Song of Ice and Fire", on which is based the well-known tv series "Games of Thrones".
Unfortunately, this time I don't have a new nail art to share with you. I had a very busy week and I couldn't do nail art or even paint my nails! You know, I'm sure you've had those pretty hectic weeks when you are unable of taking time for your hobbies, well this was it for me.
But I have over one thousand blogpost already written in this blog (WHAT??!!) I was sure to find something related to this week's theme, and I did! So for today's challenge I am reproposing to you a nail art I've done in the past, which is inspired by snow and ice. I hope you'll like it :)

A couple of years ago I made this Icy/Snowy nails for a challenge and I still think they are pretty cool, although my nails were very, very short here! For a full description on the techniques and materials used, head to my original post here.

I know this manicure might evoke Winter to you (it does to me) and it looks a little "off-season" right now. But it seems to be the only one that fits the prompt of this weeks challenge, lol.
Don't forget to pay a visit to my challenge mates for more "fire/ice nail art"! You can find their creations on the list down below!

Have a lovely Weekend!