Apr 8, 2016

NOTD | Manicure inspired by kids TV show

Happy Friday lovelies!
This is the 27th issue of the Nail Art Challenge called "40 Great Nail Art Ideas" and the prompt this week is Kids TV. I thought it was going to be a tough one, do you want to know what I did on my nails for today?
Please, keep reading to enjoy over 40 nail art designs dedicated to this theme!

Since the beginning of the challenge I knew the 27th prompt was going to give me trouble. First, finding the idea: "Kids TV" may refer to cartoons or movies characters, but these options required some artsy and talent for hand painting, both of which I have not.

Next thing I thought was: Stamping! of course, how did I not think of it first? But, strangely enough, I don't own one single image plate with a mere tiny design related to kids TV!! O__O

Water decals could have saved my butt, yet again, I had none (why do I always buy only floral water decals, aaargh!). By the time I thought of getting some decals, it was too late to order them and have them delivered on time.
What to do?
What to do?
I decided to go with some nail art that would make allusion to a children movie (?) without actually painting any of the characters in particular. What I've done for today is a manicure inspired by Elsa's dress in the movie Frozen.

For this mani, I first painted my nails using half moons vinyl stencils from Nailvinyls.com and Zoya Lillian. Then I stamped some snowflakes using essence stampy nail polish white and the Born Pretty Store plate BP-L032. I dabbed a very thin coat using Zoya Rayne to achieve a frost effect and added a few touches of Zoya Vega and some clear rhinestones from Born Pretty Store to give a bit of sparkle

What do you think of this "Frozen" manicure? I'm sure my challenge pals have been way more original and creative, so please visit the link-up here below to find many more nail designs!!


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