Oct 4, 2017

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Hello, my lovelies! Happy hump-day!
Last week I received a beautiful collection of matte liquid lipsticks from Wetnwild, and I was so pleased with them that I couldn't wait to share my thoughts bout them with you. These are 7 shades of the Megalast Liquid Catsuit Matte lipsticks collection* and I will be showing you all the swatches and telling you how and why I like them. Shal we?

A little Bla-bla

I am not the biggest fan of matte lipstick, especially not very fond of matte liquid lipstick. The main reason being I have very dry skin and lips and I am awful at keeping my daily water intake high. So more often than not my lips look like crap. As you already imagine, most matte lipsticks do not provide any extra moisture to the lips and the thin formulation of most liquid lipsticks in general (almost every brand I've tried with a few exceptions) makes every little lip flaw stand out.
Having that in mind, I was a little divided when I received the Wetnwild Megalast Liquid Catsuit Matte lipsticks, on the one hand the colors look amazing and I couldn't wait to try them, on the other hand, I wasn't sure what to expect, would this be standard? would these look great? would my crappy lips show trough?
Well, let's find out!
As you know, even in a collection from the same brand, there are a difference in formulation for different colours, because different pigments sometimes need to be paired to different ingredients, or the ingredients need to be varied in proportion according to the different colours. That usually makes a difference from one colour to another in the same collection! I must say that I found the performance of these lipsticks very consistent, with only one exception, all the colours reacted equally when applied.

Doe Foot sponge applicator

The Claims

Wet n wild® presents the Mega Last® Liquid Catsuit, the new matte lipstick easy to apply thanks to its lightweight formulation that provides intense and longlasting color, without drying the lips.
It claims to be easy to use apply as a lipgloss but it creates a dense color effect, matte highly pigmented and durable.The new Mega Last® Liquid Catsuitis available in 7 shades (In Switzerland) : Missy and Fierce, Give Me Mocha, Berry Recognize, Nudie Patootie, Nudist Peach, Coral Corruption, Rebel Rose.

It has a lighweigth formulation allowing for precise application and intense pigmentation without drying out the lips
It Contains a macadamia ingredient that contributes to hydrate the lips and vitamin E that helps the lips look smoother.
Fragrance and gluten-free. Not tested on animals.

Colors :
Missy and Fierce
Give Me Mocha
Berry Recognize
Nudie Patootie
Nudist Peach
Coral Corruption
Rebel Rose

Picture taken immediately after application

Picture taken 1 minute after application

Let's see color by color!

Rebel Rose

Nudie Patootie

Give Me Mocha

Nudist Peach

Coral Corruption

Berry Recognize

Missy and Fierce

My Experience

I have loved wearing the Wetnwild Megalast Liquid Catsuit Matte lipsticks, all felt super lightweight and comfortable on the lips. I found the shade Nudie Patootie to be the only on a bit drying on my lips, comparing to all the others which felt not dry at all. They all applied smoothly without patches or weird things as I have experience with other brands. All the pictures you see I have applied one coat of colour without any lip liner or retouch. I find that the colors Give Me Mocha would need a second coat to look flawless because it has the thinest of the formulations. Still in one coat it looks very pretty. The best of the best for me are Missy and Fierce (red), Nudist Peach and Coral Corruption (Coral) which are also my favourite colours and I found their application super easy and their outcome flawless.
I am super happy with this lipstick collection and they are Polished-Polyglot-crappy-lips aproved!! I find the shades are very wearable too, at the only exception of Nudie Patootie that is way too light and cool toned for my complexion, I think the rest look pretty nice on me? What do you think?
The best part:  they only cost CHF 5.90 each! They are available right now at your usual Wetnwild counter in Switzerland.

Which colours appeal the most to you? Which one will you be choosing?

Let me know in the comments!


*Press Sample. All opinions are my own, 100% honest.

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