Hello my lovelies! Happy Saturday! How is your weekend so far? As October is already gone, I have several empty products to show you. I hope you find it useful!

Body care
  • The Body Shop Olive Shower gel Lightly fraganced soap-free cleansing with Community Fair Trade olive oil. This is my holy grail in the shower it gets a 10/10, and I will repurchase it.

Face care
  • Exfoliating gel Chanel Gommage microperlé éclat Maximum Radiance Exfoliating gel. I love this product but it is soooo expensive. I give it a 9 for that reason, and will only repurchase if there is a major discount.
  • Eye cream Clarins Eye revive Beauty Flash Refreshes, tightens, brightens. I like this cream a lot, you can read a complete review here. I give it an 8 because it doesn't moisturize enough my eye area during winter. I will repurchase it next spring for sure.
  • Face Mosturizer Clarins Hydra Quench Lotion  SPF 15 Combination skin or hot climates. I've used this cream several times, and I keep repurchasing it. A little goes a long way, this one lasted me at least 6 months. I give it an 8 and will probably repurchase it in the future.
  • The Body Shop Vanilla Bliss Lip balm not even a great one and I had to depot it to even be able to use it. It gets a 5 and it was LE so I don't have to worry about saying I wouldn't repurchase it

  • Benefit Hello Flawless in Beige custom powder cover-up for face. I looove this powder. it can be applied with sponge or brush, it works well by itself as powder foundation when I'm in a rush, or applied lightly as setting powder over foundation. It has such a flawless finish on the skin! I'd give it a 10, but it's so expensive! in Switzerland costs over 50 USD, and buying it overseas is almost as expensive because of shipping cost. I would repurchase it if there was a great deal though.
  • YSL Anti-cernes multiaction concealer N°2. I like this a lot because is light reflecting but has also nice coverage, as opposed to Touche éclat which is so sheer. The reason why I give it a 9 is because it contains too little product (2g) and about half of it is inside the bullet! so you need either to depot it and it will dry very fast, either dip your brush in it, but the stick is so narrow my concealre brush does not fit, arghh. Please YSL if you're reading this, you need to revise your packaging!
  • NYX Doll Eye Mascara Volume: Black. Where to begin to praise this mascara! I love it! It builds length and volume like no other mascara I have tried AND its gentle formula is one of the few that my very sensitive eyes can tolerate. PLUS, you can beat its price at less than 6 USD.  Yes, there must be other greater mascaras out there, no doubt. BUT if you have sensitive eyes and you're looking for cheap, look no further. I'll give it a 9.

  • Mavala Mavala 002 Protective base coat 8
  • Essence Essence Studio Better than gel nails base sealer 7
  • Gemey / Maybelline Dissolvant douceur with Avocado extract without acetone 8 Y
  • Essence Nail polish corrector pencil With 3 replacement tips. Acetone free. With jojoba oil and cherry fragrance. I don't usually use this kind of pens, but I bought this one for travelling last summer and I quite liked it. I'm not saying it would replace the thorough cleaning I get with my cleaning brush, but for travelling is great, plus very gentle on the cuticles. I give it an 8 for this purpose and will repurchase it for next trip.
  • Essence Nail art nail polish remover ultra acetone-free. I've used up 2 bottles (so much nail art lately!) I give it a 9 just because I'd prefer the bottle had some kind of doser.
  • Seche Vite Dry fast top coat  It gets an 8 not because of performance but because it's hard to find for me, and it contains toluene.
  • Essence Essence Studio nails fast dry top sealer Better than gel nails fast dry top sealer. it's a great replacement for Seche vite, though it does not dry as fast. It has recently change name, since Essence has release a gel-nails at home system, so it's a bit stupid having a "better than gel nails" thing on their range. Now it is called "Ultra gloss nail shine" in their "Studio nails" range, it's the same formula I've been told, but I haven't tried it yet.
  • Nivea Pure & natural hand cream Dry skin. With Bio Argan oil. I love this cream and I keep it by the kitchen. I find it great, specially after cooking and cleaning the kitchen, because it's lightweight and has a very nice and intense scent that helps get rid of some other scents that only smell good on a steaming pot but not on a girl's hands (a.k.a. onions, garlic, etc). It sinks in quickly and leave my hands moisturized and a lovely feeling. I give it and 8 because I need to reapply quite often to get the skin nice, but I'd totally repurchase because of the scent. 

    Hair care
    • Aveda Pure abundance  Volumizing clay conditioner. Same thing as for the shampoo of this line, it leaves my hair too dried, in a way that it loses shine. I do get great volume but I do not want to renounce to shine because of volume. It might be only a personal issue, may be is different for someone else, but I will not repurchse it. I give it a 6.
    • John Frieda Luxurious volume Gentle cleaning for natural and stylish volume. I so wanted to love this shampoo, I got great volume, and hair was soft, but for the period I combined these two I was not happy. Now I give it a 7, but I will repurchase it and try using it with another John Frieda conditioner to see what it results.
    There is also a bunch of freebies I've tried. I wore a lot of nail products this time!
    I hope this list would be helpful to someone, and if you have questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to speak them in the comments!