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This is a review on a 7 Nail Art Brush set of the brand N.Nail, that KKCenterHK sent me for review. KkCenter HK let me choose every single product I review, and I chose this 7 brushed set over the famous 15 brushes for two main reasons:
this one was is supposed to be a better quality, and I'm a total  beginner what I am going to do with 15 brushes?? I have prepared this post for all of you who are thinking you need to take a further step into nail art and finally let the toothpick aside and get some proper tools, or for those of you who already have a nail art brush set but still need some extra brushes.

The brush set comes in a plastic pouch, and each brush has individual plastic protection. The brushes have wooden handles that seem very sturdy yet lightweight. The bristles are made of synthetic fibres and their tips are hot pink <3!!

These brushes are perfect for working with acryllic paints but also with nail polish! of which I'm glad.
This is the first time I use nail art brushes, so I'm obviously NOT a free hand expert, be indulgent, but I prepared a demostration on what to do with each brush. there's thousands of posibilities, I just want to give you an idea :) (feel free to enlarge the pictures by clicking on them).

Fan Brush

The fan brush is mostly used to apply powders, glitter, pigments etc. over the nails while your base polish is still wet. It's also possible to do some fan-brush designs as shown in the picture.

Medium flat brush

Flat brushes are great for all kind of wide stripes but also thin lines can be achieved it just needs a steady hand (which I have not). Also this brush has the perfect width to achieve a flawless French tip!

Small flat brush

With the same principle than the medium sized brush but the smaller size allows you to do more detailed designs. I think this brush would be perfect for achieving the fishtail braide nails look.

Crooked pointy brush

This brush allows to paint detailed rounded lines with one single movement. You can also achieve all detail drawing that you can achieve with a straight brush too. Swirls, leaves, flowers, dots, lines, and more advanced painting as well.

Medium detail painting brush

This brush is great and very versatile! The possibilities are endless, zebra, leopard, tiger patterns should be a piece of cake with this. Dots, waves, swirls, lines, flowers, leaves, watever! The bristles are great the exact balance between firm and flexible which allows a great control of the nail polish.

Small detail painting brush

All I said above is applicable to this brush also, the only difference is the size! So with this little brush you can achieve even thinner lines, smaller dots, and more detail to your designs. Very flexible, yet firm enough, it can create the smallest circles ever.

Brushes care & cleaning:  I first cleaned the bristles by dipping them in acetone-free nail polish remover and then washed them with soap and water and the brushes are doing perfectly fine!

So, after this demonstration session this is how my nails ended.I'm quite surprised because this was the first time I was working with nail art brushes, not bad!

I watched several yutube reviews on nail art brushes and read many more reviews on blogs. I made up my mind for this set because I'm not an acryllic painter, so 7 brushes are more than enough for me. I do not have the 15 brushes set to compare but I don't think there's a huge difference of quality, except the handles on these are thicker, shorter and allow for a better grasp.
I hope this review has been helpful to you, you can find this set on KKCenterHK under the item JR1133 N.Nail 7 pieces Synthetic fibres Nail Art Brush set.
Do you own a nail art brush set? if so, which one and what do you use it for (nail polish/acryllics, etc.) I'd love to read your opinions.

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