Dec 15, 2013

NOTD: What the flock? Tomb of Djer, gold leaf topcoat

Hello lovelies! How was your weekend? I'm ready to enjoy the winter Sunday evening on my cosy couch, and relax! But first I have some really cool stuff to show you: It's a real 22k gold flakes topcoat that you don't need a loan to buy!

Let me introduce you to Tomb of Djer, a clear base top coat with real gold flakes, produced and sold by "What the flock". Back in August (or was it September?) I enetered a giveaway to win a bottle of Tomb of Djer at Kiss & Makeup beauty blog. Well, I didn't win, BUT What the flock contacted me to send me the sample as a gift. They never asked me to swatch it or review it, just as a gift, how cool is that??

Unfortunately (or fortunately?) the bottle they sent me arrieved into pieces :( I was not going to contact them, but then I thought, well, I have at least to let them know. So I did, and the lady was so frustrated she not only sent me a replacement bottle, she also sent me golden caviar beads, a sample bag of flock powder, golden striping tape, golden loose glitter, tiny gold metal crown shaped decals and a bunch of real nail art feathers! When I received the mail I was like *__* oooh!

I tried many of the things and for one or the other reason never got to post them. So today I'm bringing to you some gold flake love :)

For my manicure I first painted two coats of OPI Germanicure and then top it with two coats of Tomb of Djier. The top coat is thin and applies smoothly. I didn't had to "fish" the flakes I just painted like regular polish, I did so purposely to test. The first coat left me with quite sparse flakes, but I guess this is not supposed to cover the nail or it would look awefully chunky. Two coats gave me a nice look, while flakes are less sparse, I think I like it better that way. The clear base dries quite fast and has a pretty glossy finish.
The best news is you can get your mini bottle for only 3,50€ or the big one (18.5 ml!!!) for 15€ plus shipping! There is also a real silver flake topcoat and several sets for under 10€. How do you like that?
Let me know your opinion and also with wich colour would you pair this?
Have a lovely Sunday evening <3


  1. Bello el rojo, y todo lo que recibiste.

  2. It is a beautiful topper for sure :)

  3. Ciao Nati! What a wonderful top coat! I love the fact that you have layered it over a shimmery maroon! Awesome! Baci! xx

  4. I love flake nail varnish and the gold one looks really pretty paired with that burgundy! I've never seen a silver one but I probably would like it even more than the gold haha

    1. I have both, so gold and silver. There's an example on my blog if you're interested in seeing it. Just type tomb of djer in the search box and you should find it :-) (I don't want to spam a link on Nati's site)

    2. Thank you, just did it! As I imagined I like the silver one more haha

  5. Cool name and awesome mani:)

  6. Oh such a beautiful mani Nati, I love OPI Germanicure and then the gold on top makes it even more luxurious. :-)

  7. Yay, I'm glad you like it! I wear this top coat soooo often! What The Flock really has amazing customer service, huh, this really proves that.

  8. It's incredibly beautiful! :-) Maybe a combination with dark green? :-)

  9. Seems like a great company and I love the combination you've done! :D

  10. Oh, please Nati, could you lay it over a dark blue?
    (I love it, SO much)

  11. Oh gosh,it's so beautiful...!

  12. It's a gorgeous top coat! I love it


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