Hello lovelies! How was your weekend? I'm ready to enjoy the winter Sunday evening on my cosy couch, and relax! But first I have some really cool stuff to show you: It's a real 22k gold flakes topcoat that you don't need a loan to buy!

Let me introduce you to Tomb of Djer, a clear base top coat with real gold flakes, produced and sold by "What the flock". Back in August (or was it September?) I enetered a giveaway to win a bottle of Tomb of Djer at Kiss & Makeup beauty blog. Well, I didn't win, BUT What the flock contacted me to send me the sample as a gift. They never asked me to swatch it or review it, just as a gift, how cool is that??

Unfortunately (or fortunately?) the bottle they sent me arrieved into pieces :( I was not going to contact them, but then I thought, well, I have at least to let them know. So I did, and the lady was so frustrated she not only sent me a replacement bottle, she also sent me golden caviar beads, a sample bag of flock powder, golden striping tape, golden loose glitter, tiny gold metal crown shaped decals and a bunch of real nail art feathers! When I received the mail I was like *__* oooh!

I tried many of the things and for one or the other reason never got to post them. So today I'm bringing to you some gold flake love :)

For my manicure I first painted two coats of OPI Germanicure and then top it with two coats of Tomb of Djier. The top coat is thin and applies smoothly. I didn't had to "fish" the flakes I just painted like regular polish, I did so purposely to test. The first coat left me with quite sparse flakes, but I guess this is not supposed to cover the nail or it would look awefully chunky. Two coats gave me a nice look, while flakes are less sparse, I think I like it better that way. The clear base dries quite fast and has a pretty glossy finish.
The best news is you can get your mini bottle for only 3,50€ or the big one (18.5 ml!!!) for 15€ plus shipping! There is also a real silver flake topcoat and several sets for under 10€. How do you like that?
Let me know your opinion and also with wich colour would you pair this?
Have a lovely Sunday evening <3