Hi sweeties! How is your Saturday? Today I realized this winter my favourites items have some things in common, can you guess what it is?

Marionnaud nail lacquer in Clair-obscur. I love it, already half bottle is gone *LOVE*

Golden bracelet and earrings with purple stones. These are not real gold and only purple zirconia, I got the set for almost nothing at the Christmas market, but it looks so expensive when I wear it! LOL.

Chanel Quadra eyeshadow 08 Vanités. My first Chanel quad, I love it, and I've been showing it some love lately.

Bvlgari Omnia Amethyst bath and shower. How I love the scent of Omnia Amethyst. It is really luxurious to take a shower with this gel! I don't use it everyday, but when I'm planning on smell delicious, this is my HG. I got it from a dear friend for my B-day and I'll be sad when I'll use it all up.

Matryoshka purple and teal silk scarf. I bought this scarf at Globus a couple of years ago, or was it Manor? I can't recall. I have forgot about it, but lately I have been wearing it a lot and I really love it. I love matryoshkas anyway. I have torn the label and unfortunately I can't remember the brand...

Does it happen to you that your favourite items at a given moment have all something in common? or is it that I'm just a colour freak? Haha, whichever, leave your opinion in the comments!