The Empties: January 2014

First month of the year is gone! And of course I have some empty bottles for you.

Face Care:
  • Clarins Daily Energizer Cleansing gel with moringa extract. It is gentle but effective, great for using it with my Foreo Luna. I will repurchase it.
  • Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour cream Lip protectant stick SPF 15. My lips would not have survived this winter without this lipbalm. On oldie but goldie.
  • Clarins Lotion Tonique With camomile, alcohol-free. Normal to dry skin. Not my holy grail but nice enough to use it up.
  • Montagne Jeunesse Passion Peel Off Pulped Pomgranate. Deep cleanse, purify and protect. Does what it says, and I loved it. I will totally repurchase
  • Montagne Jeunesse Dead Sea Mud SPA Pressed sea kelp. Deep cleansing n/. This is thumbs down for sure. I got an allergic reaction :( Luckily for me I tested it on my arm first. 

Hair care:
  • Rausch Wheat germ nourishing rinse conditioner "Repairs dry and brittle hair, giving smothness and shine". The usual thing. This was my staple, but I got tired of it somehow. I'll try different stuff from now on.
  • Bonacure Repair rescue. Instant repair shot. OMG! I have loved this product. I've heard I shouldn't abuse, so I will use it only once per month, but this really boosts the shine of my mop!
  • Bonacure Hair Growth shampoo "daily maintenance regime Combining shampoo and activating serum reduces hair loss after 6 weeks". What can I say. I have not done the whole treatment, though I've liked the way my hair looked at first, I started loving it less and less as I arrived to the end of the bottle. I should give a try to the whole treatment for hair growth, but it is quite expensive, and it's on my wishlist for when I will have a job :) 

  • Neutrogena Hand cream scented Concentrate. Why have I ever stopped using this cream? I have rediscovered this classic this month and I'm loving it!
  • Gemey / Maybelline Dissolvant douceur with Avocado extract without acetone. You already know, my go to polish remover.
  • Poshé Super fast drying topcoat 3B Free, "Super fast drying, super shiny, non yellowing". That's what it says. I like it. It's shiny and all. Bought it in an attempt to replace Seche vite, but it gets as gluey as SV by 2/3 of the bottle, and it does not dry as fast. It is 3B Free, so that's good, but it is not my holy grail.

As usual I also went through a couple of samples:

  • Jane Iredale Glow time BBcream
  • Clarins Hydraquench cream

So these are the empty stuff this month, I hope my list is useful to somebody, and if you're wondering about this products and have a doubt, don't hesitate to leave a question in the comments! Also if you've tried any of these and you don't agree with my opinon, I'd love to read your experience.




  1. I think I'm going to invest in that hand cream after reading this, Sometimes I am rubbing in the most random of moisturizing products :/ I used to use a bonacare product that looked like this, I think it was smooth control or something but they where really great, always made my hair so smooth :) Great products you've used this month! xx

  2. Esas mascarillas esa marca es divina

  3. Anonymous2/2/14 15:33

    Aw, I was hoping to hear great things about that hair growth shampoo. I am actually trying two new anti-hair loss products, started yesterday, and I am really rooting and hoping that they'll work!

  4. I left Poshe and Seche for H&K Girl and I am getting longer wear with fewer issues. You really should give it a try!!

  5. Ma sai che quel solvente per unghie della Gemey/Maybelline è stato il primo solvente in assoluto che io abbia mai usato? Anche se temo che, all'epoca, non fosse ancora disponibile una versione acetone free.
    Aaaaah le maschere viso. Meraviglia, le adoro! Ne ho tante della Montagne Jeunesse, tra cui quelle che hai terminato tu, prima o poi arriverà anche il loro turno di essere utilizzate! :)


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