Hello my dears! How was your weekend?
If your planning on a special Valentine's day manicure, you might be interested in the review I have for you today. These are N.NAIL Mix Heart Glitter sent to me by KKCenterHK let's check them out!

I'm in love with these little glitter hearts, I tell you! They are around 2.5 mm wide, so they are perfect to make many different designs. They're flat so they hold very well to nail polish and they come in a huge variety of colours, some have a little "holo" effect as well. They come in a plastic pot containing so much I don't think I'll go through all that in my life.

I have worn these for a day. I have painted my nails with 2 coats of OPI 4 in the Morning and while the second coat was still wet I placed the glitter using a dotting tool, right where I wanted. I chose all the glitter in the same colour because I was going for a look using black and hot pink. I didn't use a topcoat because I wanted to keep the matte finish of the polish, contrasting with the shiny glitter. I advice to seal the manicure with a topcoat because the glitter will hold in place much longer. Also, a clear coat is recommended before placing your glitter, in that way even if they sink a little, they wouldn't be covered by coloured nail polish. That, or be a total matte-crazy and complicate your life as I did, but your mani won't last as long. 
I have also added some silver dots using my BPS silver liner, and I quite liked the final look!
Without topcoat these lasted one day, through all my regular tasks, but the next morning while washing my hair, I lost several in the process. That shouldn't happen if you use a topcoat.

So what do you think about this mani? Isn't it slightly rock n'LOVE?



*One or more items of this article were sent to me for my honest unbiased review.