Hello my lovelies! How are you today?
This post was supposed to go live yesterday, while i was in France, and it did, but the pictures would not show! I tried to fix it, but for the life of me nothing I did couldmake it work, so I guessed it was a blogger problem and put it back to drafts. Hoping you'll see the pictures today, here I go again:
I'm very excited today because I recently received my OPI nail polishes from the Coca-Cola by OPI collection and I can't wait to share them with you.

Remeber my post about the press release of this collection? There I said my favourites by looking at the pictures were Today I Accomplished Zero, Green on the Runway, Coca-Cola Red and A Grape Affair, in that order. Well, there are two options: either the OPI PR is a nail polish fairy who knows what I wish for and sends it to me, OR I am incredibly lucky! I got exactly the shades I wanted to review, except "A grape Affair" and I am SO happy I didn't because I've seen it is identical to OPI Vant to bite my neck, and I certainly don't need a dupe for it. So instead, I got Turn on the Haute light which is great because I have very few silver foils.

Let's take a look at these beauties!

First is  Today I Accomplished Zero, inspired by Coca-Cola zero drink. It is a black jelly base with dark red round glitter, which looks totally awesome in my opinion. Formula is really nice, you get total control of it because it has the right consistency, I had zero clean up to do. It is opaque in two coats, and it is a little gritty, so I'd say it definitely needs a coat of topcoat to look smooths and glossy.
This one is definitely my favourite in the collection.
Showing two coats of Today I accomplish Zero with topcoat.

This is Turn on the Haute light (aka My Signature is “DC”). It's a lovely silver foil inspired in Coca-Cola Light (Diet coke in the US) Has a nice coverage but it is not a one coater, it definitely needs two coats to look great. Very nice formula easy to apply and minimal brishstroke despite being a metallic shade, which is good. So what about the name? I guess in Switzerland they call it differently because we never say "diet coke" so DC would have mean nothing to people. We call this drink "Coca-cola light" thus the name Turn on the haute light seems more appropriate (?). May be.
Showing two coats Of Turn on the haute light without topcoat. I bet this silver will be great for stamping and nail art!

Green on the Runway, inspired in Sprite drink, is my second favourite of the collection. You know my weakness for darkened greens, and this one has a lovely duochrome effect towards red. I couldn't manage to make the colour shift show in all its splendour in my pictures, but believe me it is there irl! you can see most of it on the bottle. Formula is very nice, easy to apply without fuss, only downside are the brushstrokes, but I have yet to try a duochrome totally brusstroke-free. All in all is not that bad, and I reall like the shade so, I don't care for the rest.
Showing two coats without topcoat.

Last but certainly not least is Coca-Cola Red, inspired in classic Coca Cola drink. It is a classic red creme, quite glossy on its own wich is a ONE COATER ladies and gents. This has a wonderful formula allowing for a flawless application in one coat, AND for the fans of the drink it is exactly the colour on the label, so there is another reason for you to love it. I'd say if you don't have many reds in your stash, this one is a great option.One little note on this one is: use double base coat! since the pigments are so strong, reds like this tend to stain nails permanently.
Showing one easy coat without topcoat :)

I think this is a great collection, very varied in finishes and colours, so there is something for everyone, cremes, foil, glitter, duochrome, dark and light colours, classic and funkier. Today accomplished zero is a gorgeous and very unique shade of which I can't think of a dupe at all, definitely a worthy addition to my collection.

Have you already spotted the collection? In Switzerland they will be available from the end of June until the end of October, and the RRP is 23.90 CHF per bottle.
Which one do you like the best?