Jun 1, 2014

NOTD: OPI Juice bar hopping from Neon collection

Hello my lovelies! How is your weekend so far?
I hope you are spending a lovely Sunday. I'm having one of those "laundry-Sunday" but I put a smile on it because it's for a good cause and my nails with OPI Juice bar hopping are really cheery.

This bright orange is not a super original shade, and not as "neon" in my opinion. However, it is hands down the best formula of the whole collection. It has more of a jelly consistence. A bit translucent on the first coat, its opacity can be built in two coats, and application is a breeze! Totally self levelling and stroke-free. I do recommend using a white basecoat to make the colour brighter. Juice bar hopping has a regular drying time and dries to a semi matte finish, but i'd say is slightly glossier than the other colours of this collection.

My pictures show two coats over OPI put a coat on, without topcoat.

And with those images I leave you for today. I have like a gazillion kgs of laundry to do and needs to be done today, because next week we'll be leaving in a short trip  to France for attending a family event. In fact we'll have the Baptism of my husband's cousin little boy. I'm excited about it because we'll get to meet again with all the French family that we haven't seen since our boy was baptised, and also because it is a great occasion to wear a fancy outfit and makeup (well, what you expected I'm a beauty addict). We will certainly have much fun. But not today... today is laundry time... yay... not :-/
What is your Sunday like? Are you enjoying it? What are your thoughts on this birght orange nail polish? Don't forget to leave a comment!


  1. This really is juicy and very bright - lovely neon!

  2. Anonymous1/6/14 14:04

    So juuuuicy! Love it. Magnificent.

  3. me gusta te queda bien, lo probaria

  4. This is gorgeous and the name is just perfect isn't it? It really is a very juicy looking orange! This makes me think of freshly squeezed oranges and cocktails! Also, I think you rock this kind of orange very well :) xx

  5. Salut ma biche - I am nearly a week behind with reading my Blogs - it is quite possible that your are already back! Gorgeous orange for you and while I agree that this is still a dose or two away from a neon it is strikingly bold and intense. What did you wear for the Baptism and what make-up did you apply? I am going to attend a super posh event at Art Basel and a wedding in June so YAYY for dressing up (got myself two new dresses) and make-up (test wearing combinations now) - bisous ma belle xxx

  6. It's a little bit "too much" for me, not one of my favourite colours, but it really looks bright and perfect for summer! :-)

  7. Bellissimo questo arancio, soprattutto ora che arriva l'estate!


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