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Hi sweeties! Happy Saturday!
It's been ages since I last did one of these "empties" review, since January I haven't been sharing my thoughts about produts I have used up. So I guess it's time for some empty bottles!
I think it might be useful for some of you to read about products I've used, so this month I have some products that were finished long ago, and some quite recently.

Nivea Diamond Volume shampoo: I got this last winter for less than 4 CHF. I thought I shouldn't be so snob about my hair care products and I found myself liking it a lot! This was my third bottle and I've also tried the Nivea Diamond volume balsam, which I did not like. It is a nice shampoo, nice smelling, without parabens and quite friendly ingredients, although it does contain Sodium Laureth Sulfate which can be irritant, but it wasn't the case for me. It gives my hair a nice volume. Though it claims to give "diamond sparkling shine" my hair did not look as shiny as with other products so that is why I'm not going to buy it for a while. However, this is a great budget friendly option to alternate with more expensive hair care and give your wallet a break!

Lancôme Dreamtone serum. Ultimate dark spot corrector: And all the hype about this!! I got this last winter and forced myself to finish the bottle because it was so expensive! 120 CHF.- Althoug my skin really appreciated the effects of an extra product (like any serum usually provides), my skin was more supple and looked more luminous, BUT this product did absolutely nothing for my dark spots, NADA!! so if you are planning on getting this one for dark spots, give an extra thought and read more opinions before you do. I would not recommend it, because for giving a little oomph to your skin there are other products better adapted, and for dark spot correcting too, keep reading ;)
So this one, I would not repurchase.

Radical Skincare Multi brightening Serum: This little bright skincare angel came to me as a courtesy of Radical Skincare, and you can find a complete review here. This baby made my dark spots significantly lighter, and also helped me get rid of dark marks of old blemishes. Super happy with it, I bought myself a full size too for 119 CHF. But this time I know I'll see the results!

Lancôme Visionnaire. Advanced skin corrector: This little bottle (30 ml)  came in a set for which I paid 79 CHF, it was a good deal and my skin has loved every drop of it. Smooths skin divinely, making pores less noticeable (I can't say about wrinkles because I don't have many yet) my complexion looks fresher, younger and more luminous. I would recommend to get the 50ml bottle because this one is used up quite quickly. As I prefer the Radical skincare one because it is more focused on my main skin issues, I won't repurchase this one for now, but may rebuy in the future!

Estée Lauder Hydrationist. Maximum Moisture lotion; This one is an old reliable. I can always rely on it for a light moisturizing effect, smoothing skin, perfect for underneath makeup. Ladies with dry or mature skin, this one is not for you. In winter, this one does nothing for me, and in Summer I prefer a lotion with SPF or a sunscreen with moisturizer. I used this one up last spring and I will probably repurchase it next Spring!

Dior Hydra-Life. Pro-Youth silk creme: Or should I say "Winter skin life saver". I have loved this cream, I've used it up last winter day AND night, and my skin loved it! Down side is the price! I got it on sale and if I get a good deal again I'll be definitely repurchasing it.

The Body Shop Brazil Nut body butter: I have used this up around April or so. I have liked it but did not loved it. I got a little tired of the "nutty" scent, although at the beginning I was loving it! The texture is a little oilier than other body butters I have tried, which is good for winter but definitely too much for my skin in Spring. I might give this another chance, that is if The Body shop ever stops coming up with tempting new stuff to try!

Bonacure repair rescue. Instant repair shot: these are monodose or single doses of hair "serum". I have used it once per month or so, as I use two other different hair treatments once per week. It leaves my hair softer, and more shiny! for sure, though I have the impression that when I use it my hair looks dirty sooner than when I don't. I don't think I'll buy it again I might try something else next time.

That's it for now, I am so wordy, I thought this would be a short post O_O! Well, I hope this was useful for someone, do not hesitate to leave your comment, and stay tuned, some little surprises coming next week!