Hello lovelies! How are you today? Happy September!!
I am such a sucker for jewelry in general and nail jewelry is not an exception, Today I have a fabulous pair of pure silver nails that I got from BOHEM, and I am so excited about them I could not wait to show you my first impressions.

I've already done my first mani wearing them, but not to overwhelm you with pics, I'll leave that for a separate post. First thing first let me introduce you my brand new pair of "Bodice" nails in pure Sterling silver.

The nails come in a chic black cardboard box with a magnetic flip, but in the center it is made of transparent plastic, which gives you the illusion the nails are just floating in the middle, it is so clever! Every pair of nails is delivered with a sheet of 12 special adhesive pads for holding the nails, a special silver polishing cloth and a nail buffer.

They also include a card with application instructions, which you can also find in their site, nothing could be easier! you don't need special glue or anything that may damage your nails, it is extremely simple and quick. Minimum effort with maximal effect! In the inside you find the brand engraved and the size. They come in three sizes, and there is a practical size guide online to help you choose your size, I got mine in M.

BOHEM offers many different designs of nails in sterling silver but also in Gold 18kt! My faves were the gold ones, but alas! not in my budget :(  The ones that caught my eyes among the silver ones were the pointy ones, but they seemed a little too long for me. I finally settle for the Bodice pair, because I guess they were definitely "me". The range prices varies between £14 to £120. The Bodice regular price is £35.40 (excl. VAT) and I got them for half that price as a courtesy of BOHEM.

Yes, these babies are luxurious and certainly not your everyday manicure, but oh! so worthy and eye catching for a special occasion! Tempted? Well, just because you are my beloved readers, BOHEM offers you the 25% discount on the whole range of NAILS! You only need to enter my code at checkout: 


The code is valid through the end of September and can be redeeemed only for nails, not for jewelry.
Please stay tuned to read how these nails performed and see the manicure(s) I have created with them!


*product for this review was purchased by me. The links are not affiliated.