Hello my lovelies! Last Monday I presented you the gorgeous BOHEM nails I got, and I promissed to show you a manicure wearing them. I hesitated a lot last weekend, on what to do to my nails! By the time I made up my mind the Fall arrived, and cloudy Sunday did this to my pictures :-/

I have a gazillion pictures for two reasons: I didn't have a good light so I took hundreds, in the hope there would be one or two worthy to show you. I finally got myself a TRIPOD!! yay! and I'm experimenting pictures with both hands, which is extremely difficult, since I am not at all used to it! I need loads of practice ;)

Into the nails.

I hesitated on my design because I was bursting inside with the craziest most creative ideas of edgy nail art that could think of. BUT, I thought most of you would be interested to see the actual wearability of BOHEM nails. I finally decided to let the Silver nails be the stars and go with a delicate and soft tone bridal manicure. What do you think about it? I promise you this look so much better in real life!

The application.

The procedure is extremely easy. I only needed to prep and clean my nails very well, they advice to buff the surface, but I didn't do it. I never buff my nail plate. Take an adhesive pad, stick it to your nail, and hold for a couple of minutes. Then peel off the second plastic protection and stick the Silver nail to yours, and hold in place firmly for three minutes. Tadaaa! They match perfectly the shape of my square nails, and they do not look heavy or chunky, but harmonious in my manicure. They hold very well despite my nails being quite curvy, which I was fearing would be a problem, but not at all!

Wearability & Durability.
The pads are meant to last 24 hours and that is true. I have put them on during the afternoon on Sunday, and slept on them without loosing them (which is not recommended, but it was for testing purpose ;) right?) left hand nail went off around Monday noon, and I took off the right one a couple of hours later but it seemed like it could stay for a little longer. It is very important not to get your nails wet or to bump into things with them (haha) during the first 30 minutes after application. After that you can do your normal life. Of course, if you still have to wash last evening dishes I would recommend to do it before applying BOHEM nails. Honestly these are not meant to be on during heavy duty, haha.

Normally they would come off by themselves because the adhesive gradually looses its power around 24 hours of application. This happened on my left hand. If you need to remove them before, I advice to soak your hand in warm water for a couple of minutes and gently pull off the silver nail not to damage your nail plate. The adhesive stays quite strongly stick to the silver, I recommend using a wooden orange stick to remove the sticker from the silver nails. 

Final thoughts.
I truly am in love with my BOHEM nails! I have received so many compliments wearing these! and I couldn't believe it because I usually have the craziest things on my nails, so these nails really stand out.  I want to keep trying different nail art designs to pair with them and don't be surprised if these babies get feature again here. I am already thinking about getting myself a second pair, I really want the pointy ones. Remember if you would like to purchase from BOHEM that you can use my code and get 25% discount:


I hope you liked it! and if you have any suggestions on which nail art design I could do with these silver nails, do not hesitate to say it in the comments.