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Hello my lovely readers! Today I'd like to share with you some great news about the recently renewed range of OPI Avojuice, moisturizing lotions for hands and body, with new formula, new scents and new packaging: They are (finally) available in Switzerland as part of the permanent range!

The new lotions have been reformulated for a more nourishing formula improving moisture retention and skin hydration for 24 hours.

Avojuice new line includes the following fragrances: Coconut Melon, Mango, Cran and Berry, Peony and Poppy, Ginger Lily, Jasmine, and Violet Orchid, along with new introductions Vanilla Lavender and Sweet Lemon Sage. Vanilla Lavender and Sweet Lemon Sage will replace Sweet Tea and Hibiscus Blossom. They come in two sizes: 30 ml and 250 ml.

I have tested Avojuice Vanilla lavender and Sweet lemon sage, I've been very pleased with both of them, although I slightly prefer the Vanilla lavender scent. I really like the 30ml size which is perfect for the purse!

The lotions have a nice and light texture and consistency neither too rich nor too watery. A small drop (like the one in the pics) is enough for properly moisturizing dry hands. The lotions sink in quite quickly and leave the skin feeling smooth and hydrated for a while, without the greasy feeling to the touch. I like to use this lotions during the day, because they allow me to keep working without leaving greasy finger prints all over. Also, the lotions do a nice work softening the rough and very dry spots of skin on my hands that now feel softer to the touch. However, I wouldn't say their effect lasts for 24 hours (at least it doesn't feel like so) I feel the need to re apply throughout the day, and of course I haven't given up my richer nail and hand care that I usually apply before bedtime.

The new lotions are available in nail studios, beauty and hairstyling salons and also at MANOR and Amavita pharmacies. The recommended retail price is 5.90 CHF for 30ml bottles and 23.90 CHF for 250 ml bottles.

Have you already tried any of these? If not which one would you like to try?
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