Hi there! How are you doing? 
Today I'd like to show you another color from the Hawaii collection by OPI, this is My Gecko does tricks. I was hoping the sun would come out to get a nice picture of this gorgeous green polish, but that never happen.
OPI My Gecko does tricks is described as a bright pearly green, I'd say it is kind of an "acid" green, but I don't know if that really adds to the description. In the bottle, a duochrome effect is visible, the colour turns to burnt orange in the edges. But in the nail, this effect disappears.

The formula is rather thin, I needed three thin coats to completely cover my nail line. Application is not difficult, the polish consistency is not runny,and totally manageable. Drying time is not the fastes, but regular I would say, specially knowing that three coats take longer to dry I applied a fast drying topcoat from Essence. The only downside is that with this kind of "pearly" colours brushstrokes are almost unavoidable. My swatches here above show three coats of My Gecko does tricks with topcoat. 

As you know me I couldn't just leave it alone and added some tiny neon dots using OPI Down to the core-al. As I wasn't totally happy I decided to add a mattifying topcoat, and I quite like the result.

I would love to know your feedback on this colour! Is it what you expected?