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Hello lovelies! Remember my first post on OPI Infinite Shine formula
I wasn't completely satisfied with it, but as I gave a really heavy duty to my hands that time I decided to test again with another color in a more "normal situation". (Keep reading after the jump if you are interested in the results!) 
Just as a reminder, this new OPI formulation "Infinite Shine" it is supposed to be a half way between nail polish and gel lacquer. It is applied and removed as nail polish but it is supposed to Shine and wear (for 7-10 days) as gel lacquer. For deeper info on application please check here.

So, I have applied the base coat two coats of OPI Withstands the test of Thyme, a gorgeous Seafoam green creme, and a coat of gel topcoat. This is how it looked just applied:

Application was much easier than "Pretty Pink Perseveres" I tested the last time, so the formula was better, less streaky and more self-leveling. I wore this polish for 6 days, I applied it on a Wednesday morning and took it off on a Tuesday evening. Curious to see how it looked like right before taking it off?

In all honesty I think the manicure could still be worn for a couple of days, since there is a visible tip wear, but it is nothing terrible, and there are no chips at sight! So I must say that I took it off mostly because I was bored with this manicure and needed a change!

I still could not say Infinite shine lasts intact for 10 days "just as gel nail lacquer", because the tip wear is evident, but this time it did much better than when I cooked and washed up for 30 guests! So, as a conclusion I would say, Infinite shine, will last a little longer than you regular nail polish but not as long as a gel manicure and how long that would be will depend on how hard you make your hands work. Maybe if you don't do many household tasks (or whatever other manual activity) you could reach the 10 promised days of wear. It wasn't my case though.

This new range includes 30 new shades plus the special primer and top coat, it will be permanent and available in Switzerland from TOMORROW 10th April 2015 at a recommended retail price of 24.90 CHF per bottle. You can check your nearest point of sale here.

I hope you have liked my review, and if you have also tried (or are willing to try) this new nail polish line I'll be very glad to know your opinion!!