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Hello my Sweeties! Happy weekend! How are you today? We were enjoying a fantastic Spring weather during the whole week and when the weekend finally arrives, the sky turns all cloudy and rainy! Scheisse ! :( 
Well, let's cheer ourselves up with a makeup review, shall we? Today I want to share with you my opinion on the Zoya HOT-LIPS range, finally available in Switzerland, that's right! I have been using Zoya hot lips Glossy lip balm and plumper and would love to share my insights on them.

ZOYA Hot Lips Plump

Zoya Hot Lips Plump is a natural collagen stimulator. It claims to give 30% fuller lips in just 5 minutes after application and to offer more permanent results with frequent use. 

Hot lips plump comes in a squeeze tube with a rounded applicator and a very small hole to dispense the product. I appreciate that because a very little amount of product goes a long way and with such applicator you avoid wasting product.

The plumper is a clear gel-like product, above you can see how precisely it can be applied, either with your fingers, or directly from the tube on your lips. Once on the lips it does not sting or irritate at all. At first I though this product was odorless, but  later I noticed a very slight minty scent that is not really perceptible once on the lips.

As soon as I applied it I noticed a pleasant sensation of freshness (might be the mint?) and hydration, and my lips felt very smooth. I haven't noticed the lips particularly "plump-y", though my lips are not naturally thin, but my hubby did! He thinks my lips look a bit fuller although he couldn't say how much, 10? 20? 30% fuller? who knows! how can you even estimate that? But let me illustrate you with a couple of pics (WARNING naked lips coming right up, if you're a sensitive person scroll down. Oh, and please, don't mind my poorly blended foundation :P).

These are my (poor dehydrated) lips before and after the aplication of Hot lips Plump. I guess although the volume of my lips has not radically changed, you'll be able to notice, as I do, how the thin lines on my lips seem to have been filled in.

When I use Plump my lips are softer, hydrated,  do not feel sticky, greasy or slippery like when I use rich lip balms. For that reason I would say it is good to be used under lip color, and of course it can also be worn alone. My lips definitely look less "wrinkly" with this product.

ZOYA Hot Lips Glossy Lip Balm

Zoya Glossy lip balms have the same packaging and applicator than Plump except the tube is clear to let the colour see through. I have got the shade "Marachino" a deep berry red in the tube, more of a berry pink on the lips. I like the smell of cherry candy! However, the scent is not overpowering, and it fades a while after application. The texture of Zoya hot lips is that of a regular lip gloss, glossy, jelly but not overly sticky. It does leave a soothing and hydrating feeling on the lips 

Once applied the shade looks sheer and glossy, but the berry pink color is definitely there, and a very pretty one I shall say. The color lasts well 2 hours on the lips, like a good lip gloss (without drinking or eating). I quite like the moisturizing feeling and ever since I got it I'm carrying it everywhere, so I'm thinking to get a second one to have it always in my bag.

The Zoya Hot Lips Glossy lip balms retail for 10 CHF each and are available in twelve shades, while the Zoya Hot Lips Plump retails for 28 CHF. You can buy them on thZoya Switzerland online shop, and remember you can use my exclusive code POLISHEDPOLYGLOT_FAN during the checkout for a 20% discount!

What about you? do you like products that combine color and skincare? Are you a lipgloss gal like me? Would you like to try any of the colours of Zoya Hot Lips range? Let me know your thoughts!