Hello my lovelies, how are you today?
Last month I haven't emptied a lot of stuff, but I've been cleaning up a little my stash and threw away some old products (gosh why do I keep things I know I'm not going to use?) but nothing worth mentioning, except two products I'm tossing almost full, but you can read more about that after the jump!

Clarins Gentle Refiner Exfoliating cream with microbeads Mimosa tenuiflora: I bought this exfolient over a year ago because it was a more affordable alternative to my beloved Chanel gommage microperlé (I need to stick to a budget), and I am so happy I did! It is a very effective exfoliant that doesn't irritate my skin, has no scent at all, and a little goes a very very long way! Of course I am not saying this is a holy grail or a marvel, but a very nice product in a decent price range. I will surely repurchase once I used up my newly opened Chanel ;) (oh, I had a COUPON! yay for coupons!)

Kérastase nutritive nectar thermique. Nourishing care with heat-styling protective agent: I blow-dry my hair once or twice per week and NEVER during the hot season, for that reason this seemed to last forever. I also had it for over a year. I love how my hair looks when I use this stuff and of course I do believe it protects my hair because it is in a pretty good condition. I would certainly repurchase this, but if I don't is because Kérastase has launched a new improved version that I am testing and so far I like even better than this ;)

Klorane Shampoo with mango butter. Nourishing for dry hair:  I LOVE this shampoo. This is my third bottle in a row. Well my fourth, but when I went to Argentina last winter my mum loved it so much I left her the bottle ;) My hair looks and feels so healthy, shiny, soft! And my hair last clean for so long (something I noticed qith every shampoo of this brand that I've tried so far). I will recommend it to anyone with dry hair. I will certainly repurchas but for now I'm using some more specific shampoo for hair thinning and hair loss as I'm struggling with post-partum hair issues.

Make up Forever HD microfinish powder: I have loved to use this powder. Although I do not powder a lot I can appreciate a good product. I love that my dry skin doesn't look cakey with it, that is mattifyin, longlasting and the skin looks perfected with it. The only down side is that is a bit expensive for my budget and as I said, I can go with a less perfect version of this for less money, as I do now. But if my budget wasn't so tight I would repurchase it for sure!! (note: MUFE products are more expensive in Switzerland than anywhere else for some reason and ordering online has of course the added shipping expenses, so it is not that advantageous either)

Max Factor Clump Defy mascara: Really lovely mascara I got in last year and stopped using to test & try others and was sadly forgotten and it must be tossed. I tried to repurchase but couldn't find it locally, although I've seen it is still on the permanent range on Max Factor official site, but maybe only in certain countries?? is this available in your country?

Mario Badescu Eye makeup remover gel: What a nightmarewas this one! I hated it to the bone. I got it after reading several positive reviews, but not only was its performance poor but also it irritated my eyes like hell. I hated it. If you have eyes even near to sensitive don't even think about it. Awful. I'm tossing it 3/4 full.

Figs & Rouge Hand cream with shea butter in Rose berry: I got curious about this hand "cream" and the very colorful packaging drew me in. Well, let me tell you in a subjective note that I hate the smell. What was I thinking when I got "Rose berry"? terrible. But that's very personal right? you might love it, and that's fine. However, in a more objective note, it says it is a cream, which is not! it is a lotion and a very light one. Almost watery. That is what I don't get because products with shea are usually very rich and nourishing. Well, the feeling with this so called cream was exactly like water, I could have applied it every hour and my hands would feel dry again after few minutes! I'm tossing it half full because I really can't stand the scent.

Have you try any of these products before? any bad experiences with products lately? What have you used up lately that is worth mentioning?
I'd love to read your opinions!