Hello, lovelies! Happy Monday!

What strange times we are living all over the world right now! The situation is preoccupying with the Corona Virus and the confinement quite difficult to put up with. In total honesty, I'm personally a bit overwhelmed with all the changes that suppose having the children suddenly home-schooled, the hubby suddenly home-officed, not being able to do my sport outdoors, basically not leaving the house at all and trying to keep a cheery mood! Well, I mean having zero time or space for myself is difficult. I know it may sound so banal, but I really cherish the rare minutes I can spend taking care of myself a bit and my skincare routine is important to me for that matter.
So today, to change our ideas, we'll be talking skincare! More precisely, about a marvellous multipurpose scented oil, which is an olfactive experience that will transport you to a flowery field. Yes, now #westayhome but we can travel with our senses! Melvita scented argan oil will do that for you and more!

About the Brand Melvita

The pureness of the oils is the strong game of Melvita. Not only they use the highest standards in extracting and pressing the ingredients that will make it to their products to ensure the highest quality. But they do so under the strict international regulations that guarantee their products to be organic and respect the environment in the whole production process! They care about using organic ingredients, supporting fair trade, using recycled materials for packaging and minimizing their impact on the planet by excluding materials that aren't biodegradable. If you were looking for a cleaner option to take care of your skin, Melvita has the answer to your needs.

For more info about this exceptional French skincare brand who works with natural and organic products, you can check it here, or directly on the brand website www.melvita.ch

Why using Argan Oil as skincare/ haircare? What does it do?

This organic plant oil is rich in essential fatty acids and sterols, encouraging cell cohesion for firmer, plumper skin. It also helps keep skin well hydrated, leaving it protected, soothed and intensively nourished.

Organic Argan Oil is also renowned for its ability to renew and revitalise, making it ideal for combatting skin ageing.

100% of the ingredients are natural
100% of the ingredients are organic
100% of the ingredients are fairly traded
Made in France; certified organic by ECOCERT

Organic Argan Oil is ideal for:
• Those wanting a 100% natural plant oil certified as organic by ECOCERT
• Its ability to nourish, soften, protect and repair
• Nourished, protected and firmer skin
• Being a great addition to your skincare routine
• Strengthening and repairing hair
• Its properties which make it an essential multi-use oil
• All skin types - especially dry and fragile

Melvita Argan Oil perfumed with Rose essential oil

The Mevita Argan Oil perfumed with rose essential oil is basically a revitalizing oil that will help the protein production responsable for the cohesion of the cells on your skin. That way the skin results stronger. This oils is exceptionally rich in Omega 9 and 6 and sterols which helps with cell renewal for your skin. The oil also contrinbutes to a better synthesis of the proteins that keep your skin hydrated, thus improving skin hydration. Finally, argan oil stimulates the defence system of your skin, making it more resistant and protected.

The scent is a combination with a base of white flowers (Litsea and Freesia) a strong heart note with Geranium and Verveine  and the Bulgarian Rose as a head note.

It comes in a bottle with a special "drop-by-drp" dosing system, so you are always in control of how much you apply! The bottle contains 50ml of product and retails for 27 CHF.


Argania Spinosa Kernel oil* (1) - Rosa Damascena flower oil - helianthus annuus (Sunflower) seed oïl (2) - tocopherol (2) - Parfum / Fragrance (2) - Geranoil ** (2) - Citronellol ** (2) - Linalool ** (2) - Citral ** (2) - Limonene ** (2) 
* Ingrédients issus de l'agriculture Biologique / Ingredients from organic farming. 
** Constituants naturels du concentré aromatique / Natural components of plant extracts. 

Apply morning and evening to face and neck, after cleansing your skin, applying toner or floral water.  Before using your daily moisturiser, apply Argan Oil to the face or hands, then gently massage in. To help the skin enjoy the youthful benefits of this oil, follow the suggestions of application on the box!
For best results, first dampen skin with one of Melvita floral waters. 
You can also apply Argan Oil all over hair as a mask or just to the ends to leave it repaired, strengthened, soft and glossy.
This oil is also great for your body, leaving the skin soft and perfumed!

My experience

I am a total fan of Argan oil, I was already using the "regular" Organic Argan oil from Melvita in my routine, which I love to pieces! I started using argan oil two years ago and it totally changed my skin appearance. No more dry patches, no more dullness, it definitely makes my skin more hydrated, more elastic, more radiant and way softer.
I love it on my hair, I love it on my face and I love it on my dry skin during winter. It leaves my skin soft and radiant, my hair soft and shiny. But the "original" version is has a very soft scent, which does not bother me at all.

What do I think of the scented version? I love it even more! The new oil does exactly the same with the added value of a delicious scent. I can't begin to tell you how divine the perfume is! After applying it to my hair it is simply delightful. I have not used anything else for my hair since I got the scented version of the Argan oil. I simply became addicted to this rose perfume and I don't see myself quitting anytime soon!

Bottom line

I only have good things to say about this multipurpose Argan oil!  It is effective and it is a pure joy to apply. I am happy with the results on my skin, I am absolutely delighted with its delicious rose scent and I recommend it to anyone without a doubt. People with dry or ageing skin will enjoy it the most, but please, if your skin is sensitive to perfumes you should test it first. On top of it, it is an organic product from a brand committed to respect the environment. What else could you ask for?
You can find all the Melvita Products on the Attitude Bio Boutique or directly on the brand website here.

What about you? Would you like to try a naturally scented Argan oil in your skincare?


*Product received as a sample, courtesy of  Attitude Bio