Hello my lovelies!! How is this Spring treating you? Already sunny and warm where you live? In Switzerland Spring is typically very shy and rainy, so it takes her time before warming up, but we already had some nice sunny days this week!
Speaking of which, today is the 25th apointment with the Crumpet Nail tarts for the 40 Great nail art ideas challenge and the prompt is SPRING, of course!

Honestly, I've never been the "spring-fanatic-kinda-girl",  besides Spring always catches me busy and in the middle of important work/study/becoming a mom, etc I am not really able to enjoy much. I enjoy Summer way more, but deep inside, I'm an Autumn kinda gal. Give me scarves and botties any day! Truth is, since I live in Switzerland, the loooong, long, eterrrrrnal winter makes me long so much for Spring I actually wish to see the sun. Let's say I finally get what the "hype about Spring is all about" LOL.

I wanted to do a more elaborated design for the occasion, but you know my lacking on the time and patience sections have settle with me and don't think to leave me for a while, so I went with a little sponging in the background, used some decals and with white stamping on top for a "sweet mani" effect. 

I started with two coats of Zoya Jacqueline and applied different colours on top dabbing in with a makeup sponge. I used the following colours for the sponging part: Zoya Eden, Zoya Tiana, Zoya Lillian and Zoya Daisy from the Delight collection and Zoya Cole from Awaken collection. On my pinkie and ring finger I applied butterfly vinyl stencils from The Finder things and then sponged on top. Finally, using Essence stampy white polish and MoYou London Fairy tale #01 Stamping plate I stamped a couple of fairies and butterflies.

I finished the job with a coat of glossy topcoat (that slightly smeared the design) and that was it! I like the colour combo although the stamping gets a bit lost in the background not being distinctive enough, but I think using a darker colour to stamp the result would have been harsh and not sweet at all.

What do you think of this nail art? Have you ever tried those "landscapes" stamping plates? 
Do not forget to pay a visit to the other nail artists in the challenge.

Have a great weekend!