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Last Fall my hubby brought me the Modern Renaissance palette from his trip to the US, this year, I got my self the new Anastasia Beverly Hills palette "Subculture". I know there is a lot of drama going on about this palette on the internet,  I don't care much about that, I love this palette and I've been using it a lot since I got it a month ago. So today I decided to show you a Fall makeup look I created using only this palette.

My thoughts on the palette

If you google reviews about this palette, you'll find all kinds of "WTF!?" videos, that I haven't bothered to watch. I knew the palette was coming out in August, I ordered it as soon as I saw it, I received it, I used it and I LOVED IT to pieces.
Then, I found out half of the internet gurus was hating it. What can I say? Am I not professional enough that I can't realize what the rant is all about? May be.
I don't see much difference in terms of quality and pigmentation with the Modern Renaissance palette (which is my absolute favourite and you can check my opinion here). These colours are -if anything- more pigmented, most are cooler tones, less conventional shades, more edgy. So definitely NOT for everybody.

While I would recommend every makeup lover needs Modern Renaissance, Subculture is mostly for the bold. I must say that both palettes complement each other really nicely!

The shadows in this palette are ALL of exceptional quality. It is the best quality in my personal collection (as of yet). The palette is extremely consistent, there are no dudes, all the colours are excellent. Super pigmented, buttery soft, a bit powdery, they blend easily in my experience and the don't stain the skin. I have experience a little fall out, but nothing terrible as they say. So I'm wodering, is it because of my method of application? Is it the brushes I use? Is it that I have a light hand? Is my palette from a different batch? I have no idea. I only know that this is my second favourite palette only beaten by Modern Renaissance and only for the reason of the colours being much more "everyday-makeup" friendly.
The palette is also very well composed and balanced with light and dark hues, although the majority are matte colours, it also contains a metallic and two duachromes.

In summary, if you like to be creative with your eye looks, a little edgy when possible, using a product of outstanding quality: you need this palette. If you are all of the above and you own Modern Renaissance, then you definitely need this one as well.

My looks using Subculture

For today I came up with a look inspired by fall, but the lighting for my pictures was pretty terrible, and it doesn't do full justice to the colours I used.

For this look I used

Face/ Visage:
GOSH Velvet touch Anti Wrinkle Foundation Primer 
- Catrice Liquid Camouflage concealer #020 Light Beige
- Catrice Camouflage cream Wakeup effect 
- Catrice HD Liquid coverage Foundation #010 Light Beige
Givenchy Croisière Healthy Glow Powder #2Douce Croisière
- Wet n Wild MegaGlo Highlighter powder in “precious petals”


- Chanel Ligne graphique bronze #117 

- Catrice Matt Lip Artist 010 Bare's Nude Soul

How to

For this look I used Dawn and Mercury as transition gradient in the crease and All Star in the outer corner of the eyes toward the crease. In the center of the mobile lid I applied New wave and topped it with Adorn, I blended it with Cube towards the inner corner.
In my lower lashline I used All Star to balance the eyeshape and a Milani golden bronze pencil in my water line.

I drew a very thine liner line on my upper lashline using Chanel graphic liner #117and lots of mascara.On the face I applied a highlighter by Wet and wild and a bronzer by Givenchy. On the lips I used a matte lipstick by Catrice.

Unfortunately, the lighting wasn't very good, as the Fall weather decided to come earlier this year, So my picture colors lack a little vibrance and definition. My photos do not do justice to the beauty of the shades on the skin.

Unfortunately, the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance palettes is not available in Switzerland yet, but it can be purchased from different International retailers:
It currently is available at Beauty Bay !!

What do you think of this look? Have you heard of this palette before? Let me know in the comments!


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