Hello, sweeties! How are you today?
I'm super happy, you know, when I talk about good skin care I can't hide or dissimulate my excitement, lol.
Earlier this month, I attended a press conference in Zurich announcing the launch of a new Swiss Skincare brand "Wildhorn" and its very first product: a miraculous Facial oil that promises to diminish wrinkles and increase skin elasticity in 2 months. This is a totally independent brand, totally new, totally unknown, offering a product completely different from what you find in the market today and in a completely different way. So I HAD to be there!
Keep reading to find out what made me fell in love with this oil.

Where we met

When I entered the place for the press conference, I was blown out, pleasantly, it wasn't overcrowded and it wasn't filled with those fake smiles you usually find in the openings around Switzerland. I felt like entering a meeting with friends. Nothing was overhyped, the place was perfectly chosen too! (You can breathe the intimate and tranquil atmosphere of the Pool bar in the Helvetia Restaurant and Hotel in Zurich by peeping my picture on Instagram.)
You know, when there is too much bling-bling, gold and glitter around something, that's the kind of stuff that makes me flee. This event was quite the opposite, friendly and convivial.  Refinement and discretion prevailed, which led me immediately to one idea "pure luxury".
We can say the company Wildhorn is a newborn, and that's exactly how everyone in there treated her! I got to meet the Founder, the head of marketing, the engineer who put the company together and even the chemist who created the product! Every and each of them had that sparkle of joy and self-pride new parents usually have when they're holding their little baby, and that was such a touching and precious thing to witness. You could feel those hearts bursting with enthusiasm for showing to the world what they've achieved in so many years of hard work. I totally relate to that feeling and immediately felt connected to the crew.

But I don't let first impressions lead me to the wrong conclusion, I was very aware I was there to learn about a new skincare product promising to improve your skin radically, whether it would work or not wasn't clear for me at all!

The Wildhorn Family

Wildhorn is the name of a great peak in the Bernese Oberland. The wild nature of the place inspired the creation of a skincare brand conceived with Swiss ingredients, natural and pure, that would provide the efficacity and clean formula 100% natural, not tested on animals

What is so special about it


The Wildhorn regenerating Oil contains 100% of natural active ingredients. Ok, that might not have caught your attention but listen: NOTHING in the skincare world has that percentage of active ingredients. In fact, most skincare products have some kind of medium (water or silicone based) where a few actives, perfume and other additives, swim together.
There is not one single ingredient in this oil that is not meant to improve your skin, there are no added chemicals, NADA.


The ingredients are 99.9% produced in Switzerland. They come from just around the corner! Wait, don't get me wrong, the process of obtaining the oils and plant extracts is very rigorous, precise and quite difficult, in order to guarantee maximum quality! But it is a great thing knowing the local economy is boosted and also that your product doesn't involve 200 intermediaries from the 4 corners of the world.

What is in its heart

Now, this is the most impressive, the composition of this oil: without additives, cold pressed to maintain the properties of the natural ingredients and without added fragrance it is a masterpiece in the industry.

The ingredients and its benefits:

Apricot kernel oil from the Canton of Valais (Prunus Armeniaca)
. softens the skin and slows down premature ageing. stimulates microcirculation and improves the firmness of the skin
. boosts the radiance of the skin for a resplendent complexion
Grape seed oil from canton Valais (Vitis Vinifera)
. prevents skin aging and reduces wrinkles already installed
. regenerating
. nourishes dry skin and moisturizes oily skin
Cherry stone oil from Zug canton (Prunus Avium)
. moisturizing and antioxidant properties
. suitable for the care of dry and mature skin
. forms a protective barrier on the skin
Calendula Officinalis extract from the canton of Vaud
. softening and healing properties
. antioxidant action
Edelweiss flower extract from the canton of Valais (Leontopodium Alpinum)
. prevents skin ageing. improves the firmness of the skin
Extract of flowers and essential oil of melissa of the canton of Vaud (Melissa Officina lis)
. antiviral, antimicrobial and antioxidant action
. fresh and pleasant fragrance
Essential oil of larch from the canton of Valais (Larix Decidua)
. stimulant and antiseptic
. light and fresh fragrance
Essential oil of monard flowers of the canton of Vaud (Monarda Fistulosa)
. invigorating, immunostimulating and regenerating
. for dull skin and subject to small imperfections
. high skin tolerance
Essential oil of chamomile romaine canton Vaud (Anthemjs Nobilis)
. softening action
. sweet and fruity scent
Lavender essential oil from the canton of Valais (Lavandula Augustifoija)
'. improves the regeneration of the skin, calming
. perfect harmlessness
. fresh and floral fragrance

(The bottle contains 13ml of product and retails for 180 CHF.)

How it makes me feel

Now, about the most important for me in a skincare product, what it does for me!
The oil is so very rich, it has quite a thick oily consistency, not too liquidy, but it is not greasy. I don't know how or why, but it feels comforting and moisturizing, it penetrates quickly, allowing for a massage first without ever feeling tacky, greasy or "oily".
It is meant for every skin type and I find it works perfectly for my dry skin, but I can see also this would work for oily and combination skin types too.
Does it wipe away my wrinkles? Is it a miracle come true?
It is better than that for me. I have been using it for 3 weeks and I have noticed remarkable results.
My skin looks more radiant already, it is softer than ever and my forehead looks much smoother! My fine lines distended and I look more relaxed!

At first, I used it only in the evenings, before bed. But one day I applied it in the morning, just to see what happens, and it felt sooo good! It works well under my makeup, whether I use a primer or not, I introduced this oil as the last step of my skincare routine and I am IN LOVE with it. It smells so divine, even though it has no added fragrance, the perfect mix of natural ingredients offers a sublime olfactive experience that has become my favourite thing during my "self-pampering" moment of the day.

Where can you find this gem in the skincare industry? For the moment this oil is only available locally in Pharmacies and Parfumeries. But it will be out soon on their own web page! I'll keep you updated on this! If you come across one of this little bottles, don't think twice, grab it. This is the kind of things that happen once in a lifetime, like true love.


*One or more products have been given to me for free. I haven't been compensated for writing this article, I simply REALLY love this product. My opinions are 100% honest and my own, based on my experience This article does not contain affiliate links.