Hello, lovelies! Happy Saturday!

How was your week? I spent a wonderful week myself! It is still so warm for this time of the year I can't believe September is already coming to an end!! That is seriously crazy! Since the children went back to school time has impressively accelerated. Do you have the same impression? 

The month of September flew by, so it's time to share with you a new edition of my "shopping my stash" challenge. I've been playing with my Chanel Quadra Eyeshadow #262 Tissé Beverly Hills, which is a cool toned palette allowing for very sophisticated makeup looks! 

I decided to write a series of posts here on the blog that would allow me to commit to "Shopping my stash", which means going through products I own instead of buying new ones. I have decided that each month I would pick an eyeshadow quad or quint from my collection and use it during the whole month. The month of September I've been playing with Chanel Quadra Eyeshadow #262 Tissé Beverly Hills and today I share with you one of the looks I came up with.

Chanel Quadra Eyeshadow #262 Tissé Beverly Hills

Chanel Quadra Eyeshadow #262 Tissé Beverly Hills was part of the Spring Limited Edition collection launched in 2016. My husband gave me this quad as a surprise present and even though the colours are not what I would normally choose for myself, I surprisingly used this quad a lot! I have already featured makeup piece on my blog here and here.

The palette I've chosen to use in September has a light lilac with a satiny finish, a shimmer light beige (whihc is mainly just "shimmer" on the skin), a vibrant teal and a very dark plum, both with satiny finish. You can get a very light and romantic look using only the light colours (like I did here). You can go all crazy making a bright teal look (like I did here) or use the teal to add a touch of colour in hot summer days, like I did here. Alternatively, you can mix and balance all the four colours and come up with a look like the one I did today! 
As the result is very cool toned eyeshadow look, I suggest to pair it with cool tone lipsticks like the berry one I'm wearing.

As usual, I am not trying to encourage you to buy anything with this post, more trying to INSPIRE you to use more what you already have and buy less
This palette is quite versatile, and it can suit many skin colours so I think it could inspire you to build your own palette too or search similar colours among the makeup you already have at home.

My Cool Toned Fall Look

For this look I used / Voici la liste de produits:

I have used this palette during September and although it is an old one, I have received many compliments and questions about where to buy it! LOL. It's been a challenge using it for everydays looks because it is very vibrant and a little out of my comfort zone. But I have gladly accepted the challenged and I had fun!
Do you find yourself wearing colours outside of your comfort zone and realizing you actually quite like them for a change?

Don't hesitate to leave me a comment! 


*The items shown were purchased by me unless otherwise stated.