I purchased this two products at the beginning of October because I was running out of my usual cleanser, Chanel Gel Pureté, and toner, Chanel LotionComfort, and really needed to replace them with a less expensive one. If you are in a similar situation, you might be interested by this post.
Needless to say, once you've found your ideal product it is sooooo hard to replace it with something else. I've search a little on the net to find a product that would do more or less what I expected:  

A cleanser that would foam, remove makeup (really do it), rinse with water, and leave my skin really fresh and clean without drying it.

I finally decided on buying Aveda Because they use all natural ingredients, mostly based on plants essences, they're cruelty free, use recycled PET for their bottles and use only sustainable sources of energy.

Aveda Outer peace is described as follows:
"Mild non-irritating formula cleans deep into pores , effectively removing oil, makeup and other impurities. A blend of pure plant extracts -including tamanu, amla, boswelia and saw palmetto- infuses our uniquely powerful plant formula supported by an aroma of certified organic lemon tree and rose geranium."
This cleanser does all I expected, except that I feel my skin a little dry after using it. I also like the texture very much, it is a very light and refreshing foam, very easy to rinse off. It really removes all impurities, and I have the feeling my prone to acne skin is getting better with this product. What I like the most about it is the nice clean, fresh feeling I get after using it, that lasts even the next morning! What I dislike of this cleanser is the smell. It really smells like herbs medicine, not very appealing.

Aveda Botanical kinetics Toning mist, is also recommended for oily or acne prone skin.
It really does what it says: helps balance and refresh. It contains peppermint and rose, which I find a good combination! The only problem is the dispenser of the bottle. It has a spray pump that does not give me the "mist" effect, but more like small and disperse drops over my face, making application not very even. They also advice to avoid "eyes area" while spray your face. Well, I'm still wondering how to actually do that!!! What I do is spare me the "mist" and pray the toner on a cotton pad, and tap it to my face, like a normal toner. Oh, and same thing with the smell, not very appealing, though not as much as the cleanser.

Do you have any favourite cleanser and toner? I would love to know about it!

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