If you haven't noticed yet, At the top of my side bar, you'll see a link to the Google translating tool. Despite the fact I enjoy writing in English (even if I make some mistakes) this is not my mother tongue, but Spanish. I also speak Italian which is my husband's mother tongue, and French, which is one of the official languages of Switzerland, and I use for working and studing.

I really didn't want to leave anyone out because of the language. I find myself to miss sites in languages I don't know and that seem so interesting! It's such a pity not to be able to understand.
So, please feel free to use this tool, there are plenty of languages to choose from, and even if the translation is not perfect, it gives you a rough idea of what is been written. I think this tool is wonderful because you can collaborate to a better translation whenever you find a sentence that makes no sense.
You may also contribute to improve my English if you find sentences that make no sense! ;)