Nov 1, 2012

NOTD: OPI The Spy Who Loved Me & Skyfall Première

Hi everyone! How was your Halloween yesterday? Have you party and rock?
No much party here... but I'm used to.
So, today,  November 1st, is the Première of James Bond film Skyfall in Switzerland, to which we were invited by our banker, and have free tickets, drinks and food included! So, so excited to go this evening with my darling! 

It was for sure I HAD to wear one of OPI Skyfall Colleciton, but I've hesitated a little between The Spy who Loved Me and Golden Eye... I simply let my instinct go and picked the RED one, and without any regrets because this is a fantastic red! The moment I put it on the nails, I knew I had done the good choice! It's so shiny and classy, I find it perfect for the occasion, and I'm thinking about buying the full size one, because this is such a stunning red, I think I'll find many many occasions to wear it!

What are your thoughts on it? Have I done the right choice in your opinion?
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  1. Wow I hope you have a great time at the premier, that sounds really exciting! :) My Halloween wasn't up to much either! I'm not really a red nails lady although I need to expand on that, this colour looks like a perfect red, it looks like it has a little gold in it too? xx

  2. Hi Ithfifi! Glad you pay me a visit. The première was great, I liked the film, and we had a good time with my husband. 5 years ago, red polish was a must for me. back then I'd do a red manicure every two weeks! Then I stopped for a while and was more into other colours, but lately I began to love red again. So it's coming and going, you see...

  3. Definitely a good choice, can't believe you got to wear Skyfall polish to the premiere. Sounds like you had a fabulous time, so glamorous!

    1. Thank you cali369, we actually did! But was not as glamorous as you may imagine... In Switzerland is not like in the States... so premières are more understated events. Still smart and elegant, but not so bling bling. May be I'll post a picture of what I wore to give you and idea.

  4. This polish looks beautiful! I've got it too and I must try it soon!
    Tell me more about the film! Was it a good Bond movie?
    Did you see the female stars nails? It's said she'll be wearing Skyfall with GoldenEye underneath the nails in this movie.

    1. Hi Jezz, you really should try this polish, but please use a base coat because it could stain!
      The Bond film was good, you know for a James Bond, not much of a surprise (there's the bad guy, and the good guy, and they fight each other, etc) But James bond showed a little more "human" side with a pretty important underlying issue about getting old and being judge by society for that, he encountered alcohol problems, and was put to the trial. The girl actually had very long (real) nails and yes, she was wearing the opi polishes!

  5. Ola! Adorei essa cor! Fica-lhe muito muito bem!


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