Hi Lovelies! How are you doing! Happy Friday to you all!
Today I'm up and away! Yes, while you're reading this scheduled post, I'm about 10'000 feet from the ground, flying to my beloved country with my hubby and child. So as you might have guessed, Argentina is very far away, and the trip will last very, very long, and this means I will not be reading or answering your comments soon. I love your comments and respect the time you take to read, so, please! comment anyway, I'll answer as soon as I can!
What I have for you today is part of the current Essie winter Collection "The leading lady" and is a creme bright cornflower blue named "Butler, please!" (well, these pictures aren't very colour accurate, but they're the best shot I got considering I had no natural light and my camera refused to pick the true colour up) I was not going to pick any of these at first sight, because I wasn't all that enthusiastic about the shades. But the blue, was quite unique in my collection, so I finally picked it up! This is so unlike me! in fact I NEVER pick up the blues in one collection! I'm getting too influenced by a certain lady, that always pulls out amazing blues!

 The formula on this one was a little thicker than I like my creme polishes, but I get that consistency a lot with Essie's, specially with pastel shades. But it was manageable and applied quite opaque in one coat but in my opinion it needed two to get even and fully opaque. It dries a little "rubbery-ish" but I like it that way, so if you're not fond of the semi-matte finish, you just add a topcoat and that's it!
I just left it without topcoat this time!
Have you got this blue? Do you think it clashes with my skin tone? Anyone thinks it's more appropriate for summer than winter? Have you preferred other shades of the collection? Please, let me know your thoughts!

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