Hi my dears! By the time you read this we will be already flying to Argentina!
Today all is about our trip, but I couldn't leave my Challange fellows alone, so I've scheduled this post about the 7th "Battle" of theme : Geometric vs. Flora. I went with a stamping nail art this time, because is "simpler" (though we know it's not the case for me, huh?). I've chosen the geometric theme and represented it by stamping skittles nails on a nude base.

(Please, excuse my dry skin and cuticles, the cold weather is already taking down at my skin.)
The nude base, was going to be OPI Don't Pretzel my buttons, as it was in my untried bunch. But the mini-brush just made it a nightmare to apply and it was not looking good in any way. So I went with my *mannequin hands*, as they used to call the prefect nude for your skin tone. I might make a review on this one.

Here is what I've used:
Catrice Ultimate Nudes 030 My Café au lait at Nôtre-Dame, as a base
Konad plate m65
OPI Rising Star (thumb)
OPI Tease-y does it (index)
Zoya Blair (middle)
OPI The Show Must Go On (ring)
OPI Take the stage (pinkie)

I think this time stamping a whole nail pattern went a little better than last time. Not perfect yet, but I'm almost happy with the result. I'll be honest to you, I've seen many tutorials on stamping before doing my challenge n° 2, and all would say you have to be pretty quick or the polish would dry and it'd be impossible to stamp. So, that time I rushed it a little. For this mani, I took my time. I didn't rush, and did it slowly, trying to pay attention the pattern was more or less centered, etc. And I think I got a better result like this.

Have you liked it? Have my stamping improved to your eyes?  let me know your opinion about it!

Please, don't forget to check what the other participants have done to their nails to represent this battle!
Citygirl907 (host)


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