Sunrise over River Parana next to Rosario, the city where I was born -  Photo taken by our wedding photographer in 2003

Hello my dears! How are you doing today? I'm very excited because tomorrow we'll be leaving for Argentina to spend three wonderful summer weeks with family and friends! I'm so happy! We have all ready and set for the trip, we had to be a little more organized this time, since we are going with our baby and it's a really long (long) and tiring trip. First we have 1:30 hs by car to Zurich airport, then the usual 2 hours waiting for check-in and boarding, then a first 1:30 hour flight to Paris, then 1h waiting for the next flight, then 13 hours flight to Buenos Aires, then arriving we have usually 1 to 2 hours wait for customs trespass, then if we are lucky to catch the shuttle to Rosario soon (otherwise add 2 hours) another 5 hours to my lovely Rosario. If we get really lucky we'll get there in 24 hours! lol, but is totally worthy!

View of my city - photo taken by me in 2008
I'm quite sure once there I wont have the time nor the need of painting my nails often, besides I'm not taking my laptop with me because we have so much luggage to carry! (presents and this sort of things, lol) so, I just had a ton of things on my drafts and scheduled posts! I might also be posting some off topic articles, from time to time, just to keep in contact with all of you!
My sister (left) and I (right)  in Argentina in 2008

What about you? Going anywhere for the Holidays? If yes, Where? I'd love to know (I'm a curious cat!). If not, what are your plans for the season, having some fun with friends?

Love, and see you around!