Hello my dears! How are you doing! Here it's been hectic washing, listing and packing here, since in two days we're off to Argentina!! I've been working hard for the blog, and for my wonderful readers and pal bloggers! I've scheduled a lot, A LOT, of posts. So, being on holiday three weeks and I had snap pictures of swatches and manicures enough until we are back! Phew! But now is done and I only have to write my posts the day in question, but the main info about the products is there. I thought it was not fair to leave the challenge like that, so I've done the next 4 manis in advance. Also, it was a pitty to miss the opportunity to show you some wonderful things for this winter when I come back everything will be about spring (or almost). Like for instance, did you know Essence has a new Limited Edition? It's called Fantasia, and it's wintery themed. For more details click here.
I saw the collection on the display (it was already half empty) and strangely nothing really appeal to me. Do I have fever? lol. I couldn't leave without picking anything, though, so I thought I would give a try to the Highlighter. And I'm so glad I did!

This highlighter has two shades, which I appreciate, because it makes it more versatile. It has a nice soft texture (though is not the softer I've tried) and it has good payoff, maybe a little too much? Meaning, you may want to have a light hand when applying.

From left to right: darker shade, lighter shade, both shades blended together
 Here you can see the swatches of the colours, they were done on bare skin. so you get what I mean about too much? If you pick this one, make sure you apply it with a fluffy brush to get it really blend. I absolutely love the look on me with both shades blended. It ightens upt my face and the pink helps balance a little my yellow-ish complexion. I'm glad I picked it, it is a good value for money (I paid 4.75CHF that's less than 5 USD).
What are your opinions on this one? Have you spotted this collection yet? any other favourites of you?
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