My stash on the move. Part I : Nail Polish

Hello my dears! How is your Sunday so far? Today I was feeling tired all day, I haven't unpacked anything since yesterday, I even haven't painted my nails! I just *FINALLY* removed what I was wearing on my nails since last Wednesday and had to file all my nails very short because a couple of them broke during the move. I've been trying to read all the posts of my favourite blogs every evening but I'm so tired I end up sleeping over my laptop. I also would like to apologize because I haven't been reading a lot of blogs! My unread items list is so big! more than 400 items in 4 days! So I don't know if I'll be able to catch up with all the pending reading :(

What I have for you today is my stash on the move. I really like to see other people's stash posts, so I thought
it was  a nice occasion to do one myself. As I was packing my polishes I snapped a few photographs. Please excuse the poor lighting, I did this late in the evening two days before the move, and we had already taken off the main lights of the house, so I only had a couple of desk lamps for lighting.

My whole nail polish collection fits a small carton box. I decided I was going to pack the bottles in smaller boxes and fit them in a bigger one, so they would be better protected.
(You can enlarge all the pictures).

First there are most of my Essie polishes in regular size.

Then a small box with more Essie and Zoya (I don't own many), and some mini-sets in the corner.

Here it is a box with about half of my OPIs.

Then a decorated box where I started keeping my collection that now contains mixed brands polishes: Essesnce, Mavala, Revlon, H&M, Catrice, American Apparel, and other drugstore brands.

 Then there is another box that contains my Chanel, Dior and YSL varnishes.

This was a perfume set box, quite sturdy that finished holding my nail art liner polishes, NYX glitter and special topcoats,  Essence special effect and some nail art stuff like striping tape, rhinestones, fimo, glitter and glue.

Next is how all could fit one box, and added some China Glaze and polish remover.

 Then another small box with about the other half of my OPI.

This small box contains most of my Catrice and some China Glaze.

 Some more Catrice and China glaze in tiny boxes.

My red pouch containing different tools

 And the final carton box fitting all the above!!

I haven't count them all, but I guess my collection is somewhere between 290 and 310 bottles of nail polish (my spreadsheet was last updated the 24th October). I haven't opened the small boxes since I moved and I miss painting my nails, but I'm so tired at the end of the day that I just can't find the strength to unpack and make all that look orderly as it was :/
I hope you all had a fantastic weekend and I miss to read your posts! (I just fell asleep twice while writing this, so excuse me if you find some phrase not making sense, lol!)


  1. Anonymous2/12/12 21:53

    Ánimo con la mudanza y que vaya todo bien :)

    Cuando desempaquetes todos los esmaltes, te va a parecer que son nuevos después de tenerlos así todos guardados :P jeje


    1. Gracias Mari! Tienes razón, no veo la hora de ponerlos en sus cajoncitos, jaja. Pero desempacar la cocina, la habitación del niño, las ropas, las cosas de higiene personal, limpiar, todo viene antes!!

  2. Wow! That'a a lot of polishes! :D
    Very fun to see them all like this!!

    1. Hi Jezz, yes, that's certainly a lot!
      Believe me is less fun than you think :P

  3. Awww expertisedly packed!!!! I am sure your treasures arrived safe and sound :-))))

    1. Oh, Christine, I haven't even checked yet! but I'm sure all is intact. I had spare the packaging of my orders for the last months, so I had plenty of boxes and bubble plastic to wrap correctly :P

  4. wow, what an collection! i'll have to move in about 6 months, i dread even the thought of it!

    1. Oh, Shine Eye, how I understand you! good luck!

  5. Hi :) I love your blog and nominated you for a Liebster award. I hope you have a lovely day :)

    Click here to get the award and find out all the details:


    1. Hi citygirl907, THANKS! I've never been nominated for an award before, it's so cool!
      XX :)

  6. Amazing collection! So much polish, I would have trouble deciding which ones to use lol. I'm sure you will get it all organized soon, don't stress over it because you can do little bits at a time, make sure your getting enough rest! xx

    1. Hi Ithfifi!You're right on everything, that is maybe too much, I do have trouble deciding and I should be getting a rest!

  7. Aw, I hope you're feeling less tired today! Moving is such a fun thing but it's so much work!! Let it take time, it's a short period of time anyway in your life, the unpacking of the stuff!
    It was fun seeing your stash :)

    1. Thanks for your comment Ina! I'll take it easy...


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