How's your weekend so far? We're in the middle of carton boxes, again, starting to UNpack in our new house. My hands and nails have certainly suffered these days! I was needing a break and I thought to publish this idea I saw somewhere and that was in my drafts. "The Empties!!"
This is what I've used up the past month or so, and my opinion whether I'd repurchase or not:
  • Christian Dior Miss Dior Chérie L'eau. Repurchase: I would, I love it, specially for spring.
  • Précision Chanel Gel pureté. Repurchase: of course, is my go-to cleanser
  • Précision Chanel Lotion Confort. Repurchase: sure, is my go-to toner
  • The Body Shop Body Butter Duo Sweet Pea. Repurchase: I won't, I've got enough of the scent. need to change!
  • The Body Shop Olive Shower Gel. Repurchase: already have! the scent is lovely for all the family (meaning is not too "girly" lol).
  • Nivea SOS Hand Balm Repair & Care. Repurchase: I would, it's a Great product, but for the time being I have other mosturizers to be used up first (including my lovely The body shop Holiday Edition!)
  • Labello Lipcare Classic. Repurchase: I have so many backup lipbalm that I could post about it! lol! I wont repurchase this, or any other, for that reason. But you all know is a classic.
  • Rausch Baume nutritif aux germes de blé. Repurchase: I would, I love the scent and how it leaves my hair soft.
  • Rausch Shampooing Volumateur à la Mauve. Repurchase: I would, but not for winter. With wool clothes my hair gets static electricity :(
  • Benefit Refined Finish facial Polish. Repurchase: not really. I've used better products for the same price.
  • Seche Vite. Repurchase: already have, although I wish to find a topcoat that does the same but is free of Toluene. Do you know one like this?
  • Gemey Maybelline Dissolvant douceur (acetone free). Repurchase: already have! This stuff is great!
  • Gemey Maybelline Dissolvant Express (with acetone) Repurchase: I won't. In fact I had better results with the acetone free version which removes polish and nail glue faster, smells better and damages less my skin.
  • NYX Mascara (brown). Repurchase: already have! I like that it does not irritate my eyes (very sensitive eyes of mine), it's very convenient price wise, and is a good option when I don't want to wear black lashes.
  • Silky Cosmetics Bliss Whiped Sugar Polish. Repurchase: This company does not exist anymore :( Back in 2010 I bought 2 of these sugar scrub, and sadly finished this month, and now it's gone forever! I wish the scent could be shared online! it smells so wonderfully good!
Now a little of my philosophical digress:
I saw some of the beauty bloggers posting about the products they've used up, and I found it a good idea. Not only because that shows you like the product, but also, and more importantly to me,
that you appreciate the value and the cost of things. 
This may sound weird to some of you, but I was raised in the principle of "caring about what you have because it was not free". I'm not trying to say that we made a cult out of material things, not at all. But we were very aware that my parents worked their as*es off to get us (me and siblings) the best they could. And I've always appreciate that, because you keep in touch with reality.
Many of us blogging about beauty, may seem superficial and not caring about the value of things, because "we have so many" of these. While that is true -we actually own more products than average people would- I really wish not to give the impression that I don't care about what I get. Back in childhood we couldn't "open a new box of cookies, chocolate or whatever, until the previous wasn't finish" because they might go to waste, and we never threw away food. That's what I've learnt and that's what I try to do with beauty products I buy. For instance: I only open two mascaras at once, because I can be sure to use them up before expiration period, same thing with mosturizers, shampoos, conditioners, perfumes, all type of skin or hair care products, all sort of makeup primers, cleansers, toners, scrubs, and everything that has 3 to 6 months expiration. I sometimes write down with indelible maker the date I've opened the product and keep my open products at hand. I really hate to forget about a product I've opened and I have not used!! (this does not apply to nail polish because they last so long).

So do you think I'm completely crazy or you find some logic to what I'm saying? Do you use up everything you buy? Is there something you love specially that you keep buying every time you finish up?

If you red up to here, Loads of love to you,!LOL
Keep enjoying your weekend,
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