The Battle Challenge: #5 Battle of Theme Pretty vs. Punk

Hello dears! Happy Friday! I can't believe November is already gone! Isn't it crazy how fast times seems to fly? By the time you read this we'll be in our new home, struggling to get phone, tv, and internet connection so I thought it was simpler if I scheduled this post in advance.
I'd be so looking forward to the weekend and enjoying our new cosy home!
Meanwhile, I'm bringing you the 5th edition of The Battle challenge, which is
the first Theme Battle (until now there were only colour battles) and it is about "Pretty vs. Punk".

As you might have guessed by now, I chose the pretty theme. Well, it was kind of obvious, I don't feel quite represented by punk, and was not inspire to be challenging myself into a self imposed punk thing. So Let it be pretty!
This was a simple Layering manicure, but I'm "pretty" happy with the result, lol.

Here it's what I've used:
- Essence Colour & go 142 grey-t to be there (so appropriate name for our new home)
- NYX Girls Nail Polish 167 Dreamy glitter
- Seche vite
Dreamy glitter is one of the bunch I got some time ago and I posted about NYX glitters here.

Here is a picture of the base colour (which looks much more stunning under sunlight). It is a dove grey creme with lots of magenta shimmer which are really visible, except under my poor lighting. If you ever come accross this polish GET IT! It's an order! lol. No kidding, this retails for something like 2 USD or so. The application is wonderful and it gets pretty opaque in one coat. But I used two for emphasising the shimmer.

The top glitter coat by NYX was easy to apply, and the little stars came sparsely, but I got at least one in each nail without even "fishing" them. It also has some small and medium sizes holo glitter, but it is not too dense, so this glitter is definitely made for layering, and having a subtle effect where the little stars would be the center of the attention. I only wish I could have done some pictures under the sun, but I wasn't lucky this time!
So, What do you think of my interpretation of pretty? 

Please, don't forget to check what the other participants have done to their nails to represent this battle!
Citygirl907 (host)


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  1. Hope your move went well - love the pretty polish!

    1. Thanks Clai369! The move was fine, but we still have a lot to unpack, I guess we'll be busy for weeks, lol.

  2. Hope you are all getting settled in nicely :) Beautiful choice, I was meaning to pick up dreamy glitter around a month ago ~ I'm totally convinced now! Certainly very pretty :) xx

    1. Thanks Ithi! Dreamy glitter is very cute.

  3. ¡Qué bonita mezcla!
    Me gusta el detalle de las estrellas :)


    1. Gracias Mari, a mí también me gustan las estrellitas, aunque algunos me han dicho que ya pasé la edad para eso :/

  4. Cute with the effect polish. And it had such a lovely shine showing in the last picture. You definitely took the pretty part of this challenge! :D

    1. Hi Gelic! Thanks for your comment! I really appreciate your opinion.

  5. Hi Nati, I hope your move went well!!! I love the delicacy of your mani!!!! This suits you so well :-)

  6. That Essence is absolutely gorgeous!! And it got even better with the NYX glitter :) Very pretty ;)

  7. Sooo pretti Nati!!!
    What a nice combo!!!
    Well done you!!!


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