Hello my dears! Today is a very special day, because we (my husband, my baby and I) have just moved in our new apartment, and we are so excited about it that is right now the centre of our lives. So, I thought to share with you this excitement, and joy.
I have some crappy cell phone pictures,
but the point is just sharing a little of my personal life here as well. I've mentioned "off topic" in the title, so you're warned this is not about nail polish LOL!

The living room 3 months ago

The living room 1 week ago
The kitchen 3 months ago

The kitchen 2 months ago

The kitchen 1 week ago
The shower/WC 3 months ago

The shower/WC 1 week ago

I feel a very lucky and blessed person, after all these years (my hubby and I met 15 years ago and been married for almost 9 years) life has not been always easy, and now step by step we're making our dreams come true. I just wanted to share it with you.

Loads of love!