Hello my dears, how are you doing? How have you started your week?
If you've been reading lately you'd know by now I'm moving to a new home.
I couldn't resist to do a "Home Sweet Home" nail art, since the name of Essence's latest limited edition collection is so appropriate to the recent events my family is going through. And of course, I couldn't resist to share it with you! (Though, technically, I don't have the time to be blogging :P) Continue reading after the jump!

I've used two colours from the Essence Home Sweet Home collection Red-y to relax and Caramel cheese cake, to see the swatches and review click here. I used the red as the base and stamp the hearts in the tips with Konad plate m73 and Caramel cheese cake. The latter was also used for the accent nail base, where I tried to draw a bird house with a thin brush, did a contrasting heart shaped window with a dotting tool and added a rhinestone. On the right hand nail accent I just stamped a bird and a flower from an Essence plate 01 Have fun.

Next thing I did after painting my nails was STARTING TO PACK MY STASH!! I'm snapping pictures as I go through but it is not a very big stash, so it will fit in a couple of carton boxes, that's not big deal. Except, once the box is sealed I won't be doing my nails until we unpack everything after moving.

Also, I do not know when my new internet will work, I guess for next Saturday everything will be set and ready. But just in case you don't hear from me in the next days, don't worry I'm just here cursing the internet guy, lol.

Loads of love to you all, see you in my new home and tell me if you liked the mani!
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