Hello, my lovelies! Happy Thursday!

I'm posting on a Thursday rather than a Friday, because tomorrow as it is Valentine's Day and the hubby and I have plans of spending the afternoon, evening and night in a romantic escapade! We are not going far, in fact just a few kilometres from home, but enough to forget the daily routine and have some time for our couple. I'm so excited about it!!

Are you planning anything for Valentine's day? I know a lot of people don't care for this holiday in Europe, even us when we were younger we did not pay much attention to it. But after 22 years together (of which 16 years of marriage), you definitely need to seize every occasion to escape the routine, if you know what I mean!

I have no idea what I will wear tomorrow or what I'll pack in my bag, I'm not too worried about it, haha, but I definitely know what I will wear on my nails! LOL! Here it is my Valentine's manicure for 2020, and some other ideas from previous years in case you need some inspiration! I hope you like it!!

This manicure was the first nail art I did in a very long time! I think it was since last November since I had done a nail art design! So I did what I know better: stamping on a gradient!

The easy and quick instructions to recreate this manicure:
1) I painted all of my nails with a very pale colour (nearly white)
2) I sponged a gradient using three shades of pink nail polish, one light, one medium and one dark only on three of my fingers on my right hand (showing on the pictures and two fingernails onf the left hand (not showing, LOL).
2) Once the gradient was dry, I sealed the gradient with top coat and stamped some Valentine's related images using rose gold polish.
3) When I was happy with my stamping, I added a coat of  topcoat and that was it!

These are the products and Items I used:

I hope you like my Valentine's day nails with Cupid and hearts! I love the bright pink gradient. 

If you need more inspiration for Valentine's day Manicures, be sure to check my ideas here below!!

Have a lovely Valentine's day!


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