If you have been expecting for an unusual combination in nail polish, I think this time Catrice has one.  (More info after the jump!)

Neon stands out, is always in the first row, is extroverted! Nude wraps itself in silence and lets others shine in the spotlight. Do they have anything in common? Not at all! Yet they make a perfect pair. The new Limited Edition “NEONaturals” by CATRICE invites loud colours to brighten up the cold winter months. Combined with classy, soft nude shades, this opens up a world of endless possibilities. The evolution of a trend. In December 2012 and January 2013, NEONaturals brings the colour intoxication of international designers to your nails: six neon and six nude shades stand for unlimited looks. Mono or as a colour duo with a moon manicure – nails are the new fashion accessories!

Ultimate NEON Nail Lacquer

Neon vs. nude: six new colour-alarms in bright shades ranging from flashy yellow to popping lilac. Thanks to the extra broad brush, just one stroke is enough for accurate results with a true wow-effect. The ultimate long-lasting texture, excellent coverage and high colour brilliance turn every nail design into a highlight.

Ultimate NATURAL Nail Lacquer

Nude vs. neon: a soft focus in six subtle, natural shades. Light off-white with glitter effects, gentle “greige” and warm brown or taupe colours – applied mono, they act as an elegant companion. As a duo with neon tones, they give the spectacular colour kick an earthy touch. With the broad brush, just one stroke is enough for an accurate, smooth application. The innovative texture, coverage and colour brilliance turn this polish into a loyal companion.

Nail Art Kit

A moon landing of a different kind: moon manicures. With the professional Nail Art Brush and the Tip Guides, you can accurately apply the popular moon manicure with ease. The white half-moon of your nails is painted in a different colour to create a visual contrast to the rest of your nail. Trendy nails in three easy steps: first, paint all of your nails in one colour and leave to dry, then attach tip guides and colour them in with a different colour using the nail art brush. In addition to the brush, this kit contains 30 tip guides as well as styling tips.

Any colour that appeals to you?

I'm really liking this collection and hope that the real thing will live up to my expectations!!
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