Hello, my lovelies! Happy Friday!

We had the most beautiful sunny week and the weekend promises to be even warmer and sunnier! This put me in the good mood to think about Spring, happy colours and of course happy lovely manicures! I thought many of you would be like me longing for Spring and may enjoy this selection of 10 Nail art Ideas for Spring done with 10 different nail art techniques! Keep reading to find out!

Neon colours with Translucent water decals (beginners)
These nails are super easy to achieve! You paint your base colour (in this case I did a "marble" of different colours but you can use only one lacquer). Then you apply the water decals on tope. Ready to go!!
If you'd like more info about what are water decals how to apply them and where to buy them follow this link! Water decals are "stickers" that are applied after being soaked in water, like those washable tattoos we used to apply when we were children, but tattoos for the nails! The advantage of this technique is that there is no waiting time, the water decals don't need to dry, like regular lacquer and you can have an intricate design without any hustle!

Stamping over gradient (advanced)
These nails take a little more time and work to create but they are simply adorable. You need a sponge and two colours (at least) to create a gradient base, and then be able to stamp over it. Find the details and how to instructions here!


I find this to be such an amazing effect! So original and not as difficult to achieve as it seems! Discover how easy is to do these nail art yourself following my tutorial here.

Delicate stamping (beginners)

There is nothing that screams Spring like a delicate pink manicure! This easy stamping is both cute and femenine and so QUICKLY achieved following my instructions here!

Watercolour background
This is a twist on watercolour effect given by a special (and super easy) application of nail polish! Find out how you can do this with a few pastel colour and plastic wrap! Instructions HERE.

Hand Painted Cherry Blossoms (Advanced)

I don't think there is a more beautiful emblem of spring as Cherry Blossoms! In this TUTORIAL I shoow you how to create these lovely flowers using regular nail polish and a small brush!

Hand painted roses and Dots

If you prefer roses to cherry blossoms, you'd prefer to follow this tutorial instead!

Stencils and gradient Butterflies

Stencils are another way of creating easy colourful manicures! These are usually made of vinyl and come in different shapes all you have to do is apply them, put your colour and peel away! Find more detailed instructions over here.

Negative Space dotted flowers

Negative space is a technique that consists in leaving a a part of your nails without polish! You'd typically use a clear base and do your nail art on top, so that your natural nail is visible! Find more detailed instructions over here.

Funky French nail art

French manicure definition is using a delicate colour, nude or pink on your nail, and drawing the tip with white. But all these colours can be switched with different ones to give your nails a fun twist!! Find an example here!


I hope you like my Selection of Spring manicures! You can find all the related articles with details on products and instructions in the linkup below.

Have a lovely weekend!

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